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John Key's mansion sold for toilet paper currency

Published: 7:28PM Saturday July 07, 2012 Source: ONE News

A small group of protesters sold the Prime Minister's Parnell home today in a mock auction in response to the Government's asset sales.

'Aotearoa is not for sale' members dressed up as millionaires, took a stroll through the up-market Auckland suburb before auctioning off the mansion just outside the property this afternoon, complete with fake $100 bills printed on loo roll.

They say if the Prime Minister thinks he can sell assets New Zealanders own, they will sell his mansion.

Protest organiser Miriam Pierard said protestors are determined.

"I think some people have been saying that (it's too little too late), but I think it's really important to remember that in saying that what Parliament does it can undo ," she told ONE News.

A further protest, which the organisers say will be much larger, will be held in Auckland next week.

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