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John Key meets the Queen at Balmoral

By Europe Correspondent Garth Bray

Published: 7:29AM Sunday September 22, 2013 Source: ONE News

The Queen has held a very low key audience with Prime Minister John Key at Balmoral, her summer residence in Scotland.

She took the working meeting in a private sitting room, dressed in a cardigan and a skirt featuring the Balmoral tartan.

The Queen was surrounded by evidence of the large volumes of correspondence she receives; which have in the past included a number of letters about the consequences of the Christchurch earthquake.

The pair made small talk about the mild weather during a brief photo opportunity.

A strict code of privacy makes it unlikely Mr Key will disclose everything he and the Queen discuss but he is expected to brief the media just before his departure from Scotland early Monday morning.

The Prime Minister and wife Bronagh, daughter Stephanie and son Max are also expected to attend a Sunday morning service at Crathie Church near Balmoral with the Royal Family.

The granite church was built in 1895 by Queen Victoria as a gift to the local community and is now a target for the press pack that seizes the chance to photograph royals as they come and go each Sunday from the secluded estate nearby.