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John Key backs daughter over nude snaps

Published: 9:30AM Monday August 26, 2013 Source: ONE News

Prime Minister John Key has brushed off comments that his daughter's nude self portraits are "bizarre" and "provocative", saying he is "really proud" of her.

Stephanie Key, 20, studies at the prestigious Paris College of Art in France.

Her photographs, in which she poses naked with food strategically positioned, are being used to promote this year's Paris Design Week.

Mr Key said he knew his daughter was working on the self portraits, and said he was not surprised by the images.

One of the images shows Ms Key naked with sushi on her breasts and an octopus over her groin.

In another she poses with burger buns covering her breasts.

"I told her to eat her food not play with it. But oh well she's got sushi all over her," he joked.

Mr Key said his daughter was "doing incredibly well", and that the images were part of the brief for the work that she was doing at school in Paris.

He told TV ONE's Breakfast that he and his family were "really proud of her".

International media have labelled the pictures "provocative", "a bit strange", and the UK's Daily Mail said they were "raunchy" and a "bizarre erotic photoshoot".

Mr Key brushed off the comments, saying "that's the Daily Mail for you".

Art experts have called the work "visually arresting".

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom appears to be a fan of Ms Key's work too.


He has received backlash from the tweet, with some calling it "vile" and a "personal" attack.

Some said they had blocked him on Twitter.

"If @KimDotCom so hates NZ PM he cld leave. Happy to use the protection of NZ while bagging elected leader. USA will welcome him," David Knight posted.

Twitter user J Shepz posted: "If it wasnt personal before, it is now..."

Mr Dotcom then posted another tweet of a topless Ms Key saying: "I would like to buy this artwork by Stephanie Key. Who can put me in touch with her agent?"

James A Robins responded to the post: "You couldn't be more creepy, even if you tried."