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Jack Tame: The V8s in poetry

opinion Jack Tame

Published: 1:19PM Saturday April 16, 2011 Source: ONE News

Maybe I'm just boring. Perhaps my vehicle knowledge is flawed.

I've just never got the difference between a Holden and a Ford.

Sure. One's red, one's blue. There's the logo too. But they look and sound the same.

So to compete upon a racetrack, seems a slightly silly game.

But as I stand among the regulars by Hamilton's grand stage.

Attention never falters. We press against the cage.

A grumble, a screech, a whine, a scream.

A collective turn from fading chassis towards the jumbo screen.

There's a man with a flag. A jacket. A shirt. A cap upon his head.

Every item's logo'd. Labelled. Lambasted with black and red.

I cannot question his loyalty. It is beautiful, and pure. But it's also blind.

For if you peer beneath the bonnet they're near identical, you'll find.

Who knows... Perhaps they'll discover a special motor racing gene

Cos you're born Holden, or you're born Ford. There is no in between.

I think I missed the DNA and though race day's always fun.

They're all just expensive taxis. And I've spent too long in the sun.

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