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Hunt for Kiwi's arrow attacker

Published: 6:17AM Thursday June 30, 2011 Source: ONE News

Papua New Guinea police say they are confident they will find the man who attacked a Kiwi rapper with arrows.

Hamilton man Matthew Scheurich, 28, was reportedly hit by two arrows and bashed on the head with a rock as he tried to save his French girlfriend from a sex attacker.

Scheurich was discharged from Cairns Base Hospital on Tuesday, but has since returned to the hospital with infections to his injuries. The hospital said he was in a stable condition.

Doctors say Scheurich had been pierced twice in the chest by arrows, one of which went through his ribs, under his liver, into his stomach and stopped just short of his aorta.

Volunteer Sydney doctors Josette Docherty and Allan Mason said he lost 1.5 litres of blood and was lucky to be alive. Mason donated some of his own blood to help save Scheurich's life.

Scheurich, originally from Hamilton, worked as a graphic designer and rapped under the stage name MC Stormtroopa. He now lives in Melbourne.

PNG officials have told ONE News they are actively seeking his attacker.

"People will know who did what. It shouldn't be difficult. It's going to take time but he will be caught," Dominic Kakas from PNG police said.

"The man will be arrested and charged, depending on the severity of the case. So there's no two ways about that that's gonna happen."

Before leaving for PNG, Scheurich posted on his blog "gone to Papua New Guinea to live in the jungle. Be back in six months or so."

Scheurich was living on the island nation while his girlfriend, an anthropologist, was doing PhD research on the Febi tribe.

She suffered bite wounds, cuts, scratches and bruises in the attack. The attacker reportedly wanted to marry the woman.

The two were rescued after Scheurich's girlfriend managed to activate an emergency locator beacon.

The couple escaped to a village aid post, where they were able to organise an airlift to the port town of Kiunga, a 30-minute flight away.

Scheurich's father Greg told Fairfax media that his son was "in a great deal of pain" but recovering well.

"We would like to thank the medical professionals who operated on Matthew. He is recovering well but is still receiving treatment."

He praised Matthew's girlfriend for managing to locate an emergency beacon, saying she was "remarkable".

Greg will fly to Cairns tomorrow to be with his son.