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Hundreds get their gear off in Gisborne

Published: 12:54PM Tuesday December 31, 2013 Source: ONE News

  • Nude swimmers enter the water at Midway Beach, Gisborne. (Source: ONE News)
    Nude swimmers enter the water at Midway Beach, Gisborne. - Source: ONE News

Organisers say they have broken the world record for the largest skinny dip with an unofficial number of 745 participants.

Festival-goers at this year's Rhythm and Vines were among those to take off their clothes today as Gisborne sought to regain its title.

Gisborne took out the Guinness World Record for the largest skinny dip last year when 506 brave swimmers went for a nude dip in the sea. But the attempt was eclipsed earlier this year in Spain when 729 people went for a swimsuit-free swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

Gisborne unofficially regained the title at Midway Beach today. Footage and photos of the attempt will now be sent off to Guinness World Records to verify the title.

"I couldn't believe there were so many people willing to get their kit off," event organiser Dena Roberts said.

"The image of 745 naked people in the ocean is something I definitely won't be forgetting for a while."