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Helicopter crash on Auckland Viaduct goes global

Published: 3:44PM Wednesday November 23, 2011 Source: ONE News

The helicopter crash on Auckland's Viaduct Harbour today quickly made headlines around the globe.

Pilot Greg Gribble was using the helicopter to set up the seven-storey-high tree Telecom Christmas Tree.

The chopper had lifted a pylon into the air and was slowly descending when the crash happened.

Most reports referred to the dramatic footage captured by TVNZ cameras and shown live on a stream on

Across the ditch, Sydney Morning Herald began with Chopper crashes while putting up Christmas tree, and included raw vision.

News agency AAP ended with NZ pilot lucky to escape horrific smash.

Gribble told ONE News this morning he "is doing fine".

ABC's piece read Chopper crashes into giant Christmas tree, while Australia's NewsMail also jumped on the bandwagon with Shocked crash pilot's miracle escape describing the accident as "spectacular" with unique TVNZ footage showing Gribble "narrowly missing the still-spinning rotor blades".

Both SKY news and The Australianreported the incident also.

NZ pilot lucky to escape horrific smash was's headline, again directing people to the dramatic footage of the incident.

Over in the United Kingdom, the story was most popular this afternoon on

Under the headline Helicopter crashes on Auckland waterfront The Guardian showed the TVNZ footage , and even Huffingtonpost waded in.