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Group receives sex threat email from Mike Tyson fan

Published: 2:30PM Thursday October 11, 2012 Source: ONE News

A rape prevention group says it has received a sexually threatening email from a Mike Tyson supporter over its public opposition to the former heavyweight boxer's visit to New Zealand.

Immigration Minister Kate Wilkinson confirmed yesterday that a second New Zealand visa application from the former heavyweight boxing champion would be considered by the Government.

Tyson's initial visa was revoked last week after the Government said the children's charity, Life Education Trust, had withdrawn its support for his visit.

A second application was put through to the Department of Immigration last week after Tyson accepted the Manukau Urban Maori Authority's invitation to come to the country, on condition he visit a South Auckland marae during his stay.

Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison in 1992 for the rape of an 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant.

Kim McGregor,  Rape Prevention Education's Executive Director, said she received a "highly violently worded email" which said she should "shut UR hole" and "leave Sir Mike Tyson alone".

The email goes on to describe Tyson as a "hero" who has "served time 4 sumthn he didnt do".
The supporter then graphically details the injuries he would like Tyson to perpetrate against McGregor.
McGregor's colleague, who did not want to be named and who also spoke out against Tyson's visit, also received a threatening Facebook message and had to alter her privacy settings.
"Sadly the supporter's email is a prime example of the type of violent attitude towards females that Mr Tyson's visit could further encourage," McGregor said.
"It also suggests to me again, that Mr Tyson would not be a good influence on our New Zealand youth.
"Our concern is that should the convicted rapist Mike Tyson be invited to speak to our youth in Aotearoa/New Zealand that he could undermine much of our work."

Drop support

Maori political leaders are calling for the Urban Maori Authority to drop its support for Tyson to come to New Zealand.

Urban Maori Authority chairman Willie Jackson said on Sunday the charity was looking for motivation from Tyson because he had "turned his life around".

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei today called for former Labour MP John Tamihere and Urban Maori Authority chairman Willie Jackson to pull their support for Tyson and stop promoting him as a role model for young Maori men.

"When Maori male leaders tell young Maori that men like Tyson are role models it puts young Maori men, and the women they care about, at risk.

"As recently as two months ago Tyson spoke about calling his one man show - which supposedly details how he has turned his life around - Boxing, Bitches and Lawsuits. He has joked about Sarah Palin being raped.

"John and Willie should be standing up for their sisters, mothers, and daughters and fighting to keep Tyson out," Turei said.

She said the Green Party believes in restorative justice, but Tyson has repeatedly denied the rape.

"He is not a role model, and Maori leaders should stop endorsing his hatred of women by calling him one," Turei said.

Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples, a White Ribbon ambassador against male violence, also joined opposition to Tyson's visit today.

"I totally disagree with Willie Jackson and the Manukau Urban M?ori Authority that Mike Tyson is a good role model for young Maori and Pacific Island kids," said Sharples.

"The man is a convicted rapist, and it seems pretty clear that he has not accepted responsibility for his actions.

"I have read reports of his presentation in the US, which are filled with sexist jokes and contempt for women. Clearly he has not turned his life around at all. Instead he is using his speaking tours and associated publicity to try to maintain his past reputation as a bad guy and to justify his views and behaviour."

He said New Zealand should be focussing on role models already in the country, like Valerie Adams, Lisa Carrington and Sarah Walker.

"There are dozens of sporting heroes, the Manu Vatuvei's and Benji Marshall's of league, numbers of Maori and Pacific Island All Blacks and Silver Ferns, who are ideal mentors because they are already known to young people in Aotearoa.

"I think they offer a totally positive inspiration to our young people, and we can well do without Mike Tyson here spreading his toxic message."

New Zealand immigration law states a visa will not be granted to a person who has been convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for five years or more, unless a character waiver is granted.