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Dunedin Fashion Show celebrates ten years

Published: 7:01PM Saturday March 14, 2009 Source: ONE News

It started as a small show in a local bar, and has now become a week long, iconic event.

The Dunedin Fashion Show is celebrating ten years of eye-catching design, culminating in Saturday night's grand finale at the city's historic railway station.

In 2001, 1000 spectators lined Dunedin's railway platform, and the world's longest catwalk.

Nearly ten years later, the show has taken on new meaning for designer Pip Beaton, but she's not surprised it's withstood the test of time.

"It's really good for Dunedin for starters, and I think it shows that Dunedin public, and the industry supports it," says Beaton.

By 2004, the fashion show, had transformed to a fashion week.

"We had the opening on Tuesday night. We've had jewellery events, styling events, various workshops, The Emerging Designer Awards last night, and the big show at the railway station tonight," says Victoria Bunton, Event co-ordinator.

The finale was boosted to a new level in 2005, with a raised platform, and more seating.

For this year's event, all 1,500 tickets sold out within hours of going on sale.

Organisers are now searching for major sponsors, in the hope that they can continue the show for another ten years.