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Dotcom releases rap about John Banks' 'amnesia'

Published: 7:23AM Monday May 07, 2012 Source: ONE News

Internet giant Kim Dotcom has released a song about his controversial donation towards John Banks' electoral campaign in 2010.

The track called "Amnesia" has the chorus: "That politician got amnesia again".

The release comes as Dotcom is expected to face questions today from police about the alleged donation.

Police are investigating whether Banks knew the source of two $25,000 donations from Dotcom and a $15,000 donation from SkyCity towards his failed 2010 mayoralty campaign which were declared as anonymous.

Dotcom made the track with Black Eyed Peas producer and songwriter Printz Board.

The track features quotes from media interviews with the Act Party leader, including an interview from TVNZ's programme Q+A when Banks tells host Paul Holmes he has "nothing to hide".

Dotcom claims he discussed the donation with Banks at his Auckland mansion, and later received a phone call thanking him for the money.

But Banks said he never called Dotcom to thank him for the $50,000 donation to his 2010 campaign.

A former Dotcom employee - who does not want to be named - described how he deposited $50,000 in Queenstown so the donation would come from "as far away as possible" and would appear to be anonymous.

The internet tycoon is part-way through recording his own album in collaboration with "musicians of international standing".