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Doco makes fresh claims in Lundy case

Published: 7:10AM Thursday June 18, 2009 Source: ONE News

More than eight years since the crimes, there are fresh claims as to how convicted double murderer Mark Lundy killed his wife and daughter.

There has always been contention about how Lundy could've committed the murders in a short amount of time, but a documentary aired on TV ONE's Real Crime series on Wednesday night, has provided fresh claims on how he did it.

Christine and Amber Lundy were axed to death at their home in 2000, Mark Lundy was later sent to jail for a 20 year non-parole term.

The sticking point for the prosecution has always been the time factor.

The Crown said Lundy drove from Wellington to Palmerston North, committed the killings and drove back to Wellington, all within the space of three hours.

But the documentary came up with analysis from an expert, claiming that he actually could have had all night to commit the murders.

The Crown claims Lundy, who was on business in Wellington one Tuesday, drove to Palmerston North and killed Christine and Amber at 7pm.

He then drove back to Wellington, in the space of three hours.

The Crown based the time of the murders on the fact Christine and Amber's last meal was at 6pm and their food took an hour to digest.

But documentary producer Bryan Bruce says he believes committing the murder and doing all the necessary clean up can't be done in three hours, certainly through rush hour traffic.

Bruce says 7pm, is not when the murders were committed.

He found an overseas pathologist who dispels the Crown claim that food takes only one hour to digest.

The pathologist told Bruce that stomach contents are notoriously inaccurate.

Because Lundy was with a prostitute in Wellington at around midnight, the supposed day of the murders, he could have committed them after that.

"If we can agree that Christine and Amber ate their last meals at 6pm, eight hours on will be 2am, which means that Lundy doesn't have to race up and down to Palmerston North under three hours," says Bruce.

Lundy will be eligible for parole in 2020.

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