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Couple want to adopt grandparents

Published: 9:02AM Thursday April 12, 2012 Source: Fairfax

  • Cindy and Neville Poole want an older influence for their children. (Source: Fairfax)
    Cindy and Neville Poole want an older influence for their children. - Source: Fairfax

Forget adopting children a North Shore couple want to adopt grandparents.

Cindy Poole and her husband Neville's parents don't live in Auckland so they are looking for a few grandparent figures to drop by their Chatswood home once every few weeks to enrich the lives of their two children.

Cindy Poole believes two-year-old daughter Havana and son Toryn, seven months, would benefit from being exposed to members of the older generation.

"It would be nice for our children to grow up learning about helping elderly people too,'' she says.

In return the Poole's will help out their adopted rallies with grocery shopping or chores.

Neville Poole's parents live in the United Kingdom and Cindy's in Taranaki. Neither visit as often as they would like.

"They have loving grandparents, we're not trying to replace them," Cindy says.

Cindy grew up with all her grandparents in the same town and says the older generation are rich with stories and life experience.

"You get different influences from an older generation," she adds.

Neville, who moved to New Zealand when he was 19, says there is probably lots of people who cannot have children or do not have grandchildren nearby that might like the companionship.

Neville wonders if there is someone in New Zealand that is isolated from their grandchildren like his parents are.

Prospective grandparents can contact the Poole family on 4806569.