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Corin Dann

Published: 1:41PM Wednesday November 21, 2007

Corin Dann

Corin Dann is Television New Zealand's Political Editor based in Parliament's Press Gallery.

He started in the role in May 2012 after a four and a half year stint hosting Business and Breakfast shows on TV One.

Prior to hosting the Breakfast and Business shows Corin spent over five years working in the Press Gallery as a Political reporter for Radio New Zealand and NewsTalkZB.

In 2012 Corin also conducted long form interviews for TVNZ's Q and A programme, including with then US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta.

He is based in Wellington and is married with three young sons.

Some of Corin's opinion pieces:


March 22: English's luck looks like it may be changing

February 1: 2013 is do or die for National

December 7: Christchurch crucial to National 
November 30: Labour and the Greens need to work out their differences
November 19: Labour needs a strong David 
November 7: Obama speech fired up the crowd
November 5: 'Ground game' now key in US election
October 16: No 'gotcha' moment for Key
October 8: Printing money a hard sell
September 28: Dotcom saga puts National on back-foot
September 21: US visit further thaws nuclear ice 
September 9: Russian economy on the move
August 31: MPs at their best in gay marriage and drink debates
August 24: Warnings for Government in inequality report

August 17: MP's outburst exposes Labour in-fighting
July 19: Win-win for PM and Maori Party
July 18: Don't expect the Maori Party to walk
June 15: National's winter of discontent
May 24: A Budget of nips and tucks
January 26:  Occupy fizzing

August 8: Weathering the economic storm
August 5: Politicians shun compromise
July 8: Capital Gains Tax
June 24: Christchurch rebuild plan a good start
June 14: Why shaky Chch needs wealthy farmers
May 30: Bracing for the rugby rollercoaster
May 6: Bin Laden photo proof not needed
May 1: Far right re-mobilises
April 15: Wgtn quake response seems faster than Chch's
April 8: AMI bailout had to happen
April 1: National's cuts on risky ground
March 11: The economic impact on Christchurch
February 18: National's sloppy week
February 11: McCaw's theory of economics
February 4: Election call - bold or nervy?
January 28: US wins on style, NZ on substance

December 17: Farewell to boom and bust
December 12: Sober reading
November 12: Why we should back the Aussies
November 5: High dollar suffocates
October 29: Anticipation overload
October 22: Belly full of inflation
October 8: News so bad it's good
September 30: Currency wars
September 16: Good for borrowers
September 10: Telecom's troubles
September 7: Hold rate rise
September 2: Finally, a good day
August 28: Bollard in a Hole?
August 13: Health check coming
August 5: The woes grow  
July 30th: Winter blues?
July 23: Talking it up
July 16: Inflation behaves itself
July 9: Tough times, tough decisions
July 2: What's driving interest rates?
June 25: Crunch time for Fonterra - again 
June 18: The real state of our economy
June 10: Rate rise important step for NZ
May 28: Flashback to 2008?
May 20: Budget surprisingly radical
May 14: NZ's debt to loom large in Budget
May 6: Stunning drop seals the deal
April 29: Rate hikes are coming
April 23: Economy in holding pattern
April 16: Corporate watchdog bares its teeth?
April 9: Full steam ahead for Fonterra?
April 1: China/US currency spat coming to a head?
March 26: A recovery in sight?
March 19: Back to the future for Kiwi dollar
March 11: Little surprise as rates held steady
March 3: Aussie rate hikes a chance for NZ
February 26: Bouncing back from the brink
February 19: No sign yet of V shaped recovery
February 12: Greece far away but its woes still a worry
February 4: Fragility of recovery underlined in unemployment
January 28: "Steady as she goes" the tone of OCR
January 22: Where will interest rates go in 2010?

December 18: Extreme ride for the economy in 2009
December 10: Message for borrowers in Bollard's new tone
December 4: Next year may shape up as tough one for Bollard
November 27: Fat pile of reading awaits Finance Minister
November 20: NZ's economic future up for debate
November 13: Markets sit up and listen to Bollard
November 9: Fonterra forecast a friend for recovery
October 29: Looking for subtext in Bollard's statement
October 23: Few benefit from a weak US dollar
September 21: So far so good for Fonterra
September 10: Bollard had little choice
September 4: Is gold's surge ominous?
August 28: In America we trust
August 14: Housing boom no friend to NZ economy
August 8: Unemployment rate soars as green shoots show