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Christchurch aftershocks: As it happened

Published: 2:24PM Monday June 13, 2011 Source: ONE News

Christchurch has been hit by two strong aftershocks this afternoon. GNS Science reported a 5.5 quake centred 10km south-east of Christchurch and 11km deep at 1pm, followed by a 6.0 quake, 9km deep at 2.20pm.

10.30pm: There were 46 people taken by ambulance to hospitals in Christchurch today. Two of the patients were seriously injured and remain in hospital.

10pm: Water has been restored to New Brighton and North Shore. Two tanks are out. One tank is on the corner of Wainoni Rd and Breezes Rd and the other is on the Sumner side of the causeway on the junction of McCormicks Bay Road and Main Road.

There is no water to Sumner, Redcliffs and Mt Pleasant (water pipe across Ferrymead bridge broken). Lyttelton has no water at the moment. Crews working on this at present and priority is to isolate any major water leaks.

9.30pm: A "handful" of people have arrived to the evacuation centre at Cowles Stadium and more are expected. Christchurch City Council says there's substantial liquefaction and road damage in the Shirley and St Albans suburbs.

9.15pm: The council says normal kerbside collection will take place tomorrow, but is asking residents to be patient as not all bins will be emptied due to road conditions.

9.10pm There's concern high tide overnight could cause some flooding in low lying areas. High tide is at 2.25am.Crews are working to restore temporary stopbanks along the Avon and Heathcote rivers, which have been damaged.

9.00 Another aftershock, 3.4, depth of 5km, 20km south-east of Christchurch

8.50: Some hospitals in Christchurch have sustained minor damage in the quakes. Burwood and Hilmorton Hospitals are without power and water, while Princess Margaret Hospital has water running down the inside of some parts of the building. Christchurch Hospital is structurally fine and fully functioning.

8:30pm: Another aftershock, 4.00, depth of 9km, 20km south-east of Christchurch

8.30: It will be an extra cold night for people without power tonight in Christchurch. MetService says temperatures will fall to around 1 degree under clear skies and little to no wind. Frosts are expected tomorrow morning followed by sunny weather.
The Fire Service is asking Christchurch residents not to use fireplaces until they have been checked.

Aftershock recap:
7:59pm: 3.2,
Depth of 5km, 20km south-east of Christchurch
7:42pm: 3.7 Depth of 9km, 20km east of Christchurch
7:29pm: 3.5 Depth of 5km, 20km south-east of Christchurch
6:50 3.0 Depth of 5km, 10km south-east of Christchurch   
6:11: 3.3 Depth of 9km, 20km south-east of Christchurch
7.55: Orion latest: About 20,000 homes and businesses in Christchurch remain without power tonight, mostly in the eastern suburbs including Sumner/Redcliffs. Those residents still without power are likely to remain off overnight. Small pockets elsewhere in the city still have power off. Immediately after the earthquake 56,000 residents and businesses were without power. If your power is not yet on prepare for a night without power; turn the power off at the main switch if leaving your home; stay away from any exposed electrical wires.

7.49: Lyttelton Port has sustained further damage from today's series of aftershocks. The port is carrying out a full engineering assessment over the next 12 hours .

7.45: Police will have additional patrols in the eastern suburbs overnight. Superintendent Dave Cliff says members of the Army will be also assisting with the patrols from about 8pm. Over 100 additional police staff are in the district.

7.25: Christchurch Airport's runway has reopened, with Air New Zealand resuming its operations to and from the city, although with some delays for the remainder of the evening.
A number of flights were cancelled this afternoon due to the runway closure. Customers who were due to travel on these flights are advised to contact Air New Zealand and may either rebook on one of the next available flights, defer their travel to a later Air New Zealand flight in the same booking class inside 12-months of the original date of travel without penalty, or hold the value of the ticket in credit for payment towards travel within the same 12-month validity. Air New Zealand is operating four extra services this evening, in addition to its existing schedule. Ticketing flexibility has been introduced on all fare types for those due to travel to and from Christchurch.

7.03: The New Zealand dollar has ended the working day sitting over 81 US cents. The kiwi traded as low as 81.09 US cents at 3.25pm.

7.02: Bob Parker says Christchurch people are "generally made of pretty stern stuff" but he accepts that each major event leads to some residents reaching a point of wanting to leave.

7.00:  There will be some disruptions to New Zealand Post services in Christchurch. Chief executive Brian Roche says the main mail processing centre at Orchard Road was evacuated as a precaution but preliminary assessments indicate no structural or plant damage. Postal deliveries tomorrow may be interrupted and deliveries will be subject to safe access for posties. CourierPost and Pace courier services will be operational, but may be impacted by disruption to mail/parcel processing. Most PostShop Kiwibank stores in Christchurch will be closed tomorrow to allow for assessment of structures and IT systems. Some stores may re-open during the day.

6.50: A welfare centre is again open in Christchurch. Staff are now at Cowles Stadium but Mayor Bob Parker says he doesn't think a state of emergency needs to be declared.

6.15:  Canterbury District Health Board has issued public health information:
- Boil or treat water from taps before drinking, brushing teeth or using in food preparation.
- If you need medical assistance contact your GP in the first instance. If it's after hours a registered nurse will answer the phone and be able to advise you on what to do. If it's an emergency dial 111.
- The 24 hour medical centre in Bealey Avenue, the after hours clinic in Moorhouse Avenue and the Riccarton Clinic are open after hours.
- In some parts of the city sewage pipes have broken and untreated sewage has mixed with liquefaction silt. People should avoid silt if they can, particularly if they don't have running water to wash after contact.
-  Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after toileting, and before and after eating or preparing food.
- Conserve water by avoiding flushing toilets and using running water.
- All but the most urgent planned (elective) surgery has been postponed in Christchurch tomorrow. This includes surgery planned for Christchurch Hospital, Burwood, Southern Cross and St George's Hospital.
- All outpatient appointments have also been cancelled at all public hospitals in Christchurch.
- Planned Caesarean sections at Christchurch Women's Hospital will go ahead.
- All radiation therapy and chemotherapy services will also go ahead, as planned.
- The Emergency Department at Christchurch Hospital is open and able to take patients. They have treated a steady stream of people with minor to moderate injuries, as have general practices.
 - Most general practices are operating. If you need to see a GP - phone your own GP first. Keep the emergency department for emergencies.
- No major structural damage at hospitals: Chief executive of Canterbury District Health Board David Meates said while no major structural damage to buildings had been identified as of late this afternoon, engineers and maintenance staff were still in the process of checking buildings.

6.11: Education Minister Anne Tolley's office says schools in Christchurch City will remain closed tomorrow, due to infrastructure issues and to allow assessment of school grounds.

Aftershock recap:
4.56: 3.5
Depth of 5km, 10km south of Christchurch
4.40: 3.6 Depth of 6km, 20km south-east of Christchurch
4.27: 3.3 Depth of 8km, 10km south-east of Christchurch
4.23: 3.6 Depth of 8km, 10km south-east of Christchurch
4.10: 3.5 Depth of 8km,  20km south-east of Christchurch

6.08: Bob Parker confirms the Christchurch Cathedral has sustained more damage.

6.07: Telecom latest: The mobile and fixed networks continue to be affected. Mobile networks are congested, and a number of fixed and mobile network sites are operating on backup power due to widespread mains power loss. Telecom is asking customers to confine phone use to emergency calling only, and to use text messages as an alternative to calling in order to conserve capacity on the network as well as backup power supplies. Customers without mains power can use analogue phones which do not require power to operate.

6.05: Vodafone latest: The mobile network in Canterbury is operational although 27 sites are operating on back-up power, 2 sites are operating just with 3G capacity and 7 sites are not operating at all. All Vodafone retail stores are closed until damage has been assessed, and Vodafone's temporary headquarters in Hornby has also sustained structural damage.
Some customers experienced delays receiving txts between Vodafone and other networks immediately following the major aftershocks. Although this backlog is clearing, it may take a little more time to clear completely. New txt messages are getting through. Until power is restored across Christchurch, people are encouraged to text rather than call, and only use their phone for emergency calls to preserve both battery power of their handset as well as reduce capacity on the network.

6.00: Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said there had been significant damage inside the Red Zone and that the area was a "mess".

5.39: Federated Farmers is checking on its Canterbury members, with particular focus on Banks Peninsula. Federated Farmers' Christchurch office has been closed and all staff sent home. Initial reports indicate farmers have concerns for stock drinking water but unlike February 22, power is mostly on.

5.25: 5.23: Three more aftershocks: 3.5, depth of 5km, 10km south of Christchurch; 3.6, depth of 6km, 20km south-east of Christchurch; 3.6, depth of 8km, 10km south-east of Christchurch

5.09: St John latest: St John has not received reports of significant injuries from the second 6 earthquake. The service is busy but says it is managing with the current demand for service in and around the city. St John is attending to a higher than usual number of patients with chest pains and breathing difficulties. Several ambulances are operating in the city and others remain on stand by. 111 calls to the communications centre have returned to normal levels.

5.05: Fire Service latest: Calls for assistancehave eased. Firefighters assisted with the rescue of two people from a church near Latimer Square but there has been no need for any further rescues and the Urban Search and Rescue team has been stood down. Crews continue to respond to calls for assistance with liquefaction, flooding, burst pipes and possible gas leaks. We expect the number to increase as people return home to inspect the damage.

5.00: Civil Defence has moved from the art gallery to Cranmer Square due to safety concerns.

5.00: Westfield Riccarton shopping centre to remain closed for the rest of the trading day. The shopping centre was evacuated after the first significant aftershock. "We anticipate reopening the shopping centre for trade tomorrow morning," said Justin Lynch, Director. "The building has been designed to withstand such aftershocks and we are currently completing our standard structural and life safety checks.

4.55: All KiwiRail services between Ashburton, Springfield and Waipara are suspended. Chief executive Jim Quinn says due to the magnitude, all tracks and structures supporting the lines need to be inspected before services can resume. Initial inspections show freight services could resume on the main lines north and south tomorrow, but it could be some days before services to Lyttelton are up running again. Passengers on today's Tranz Alpine have been transferred from the train at Rolleston and are going by bus to Christchurch. Tomorrow's Tranz Alpine service has been replaced by buses.

4.52: Lyttelton's historic Timeball Station's tower has collapsed following today's quakes. The tower was damaged in February's quake and work had just begun to dismantle it in a bid to salvage materials for the station's rebuild. The New Zealand Historic Places Trust CEO Bruce Chapman says staff and contractors working on the site are safe.

4.51: The Whitewash Head cliff in Sumner has collapsed after suffering a large crack in the February quake. A number of other streets in the beachside suburb are also closed due to road damage, fresh cracks in the cliffs, rockfalls and retaining walls collapsing. A large rockfall has brought powerlines down onto a house in Herberden Ave.

4.50: The only state highway closure in Christchurch is the Anzac Bridge on SH 74. NZTA's Canterbury spokesman Pete Connors says the Lyttleton Tunnel was closed for inspection for 20 minutes following the 5.5 tremor at 1pm, and again for 40 minutes following the 6.0 quake at 2:20pm. Connors says NZTA teams are helping assess damage to local roads from burst watermains and teams are were monitoring state highway bridges and other structures for possible damage. He urged all motorists to use extra caution on the city's roads until further notice while damage is assessed.

4.45: Orion latest: 47,000 homes and businesses in Christchurch are still without power. Power has been restored to most of Riccarton, Ilam and Fendalton. Plan to restore power to the largest number of people in areas where it is quick and relatively easy to do so. With today's seismic activity centred in the eastern suburbs it is likely damage in the east will be more severe and repairs will take longer. Our teams are having difficulty accessing parts of the city to assess damage and carry out repairs, as traffic is gridlocked. If your power is not yet on, please prepare for a night without power.

4.40: Mayor Bob Parker tells PM he's considering another local state of emergency. Parker confirms more damge and liquefaction.

4.35: Christchurch Airport latest: Open and operational. "Our engineers have thoroughly checked both the runways and the terminal and we're pleased to report no damage to the runways and no structural damage to the terminals," said Airport CEO Jim Boult. Flights have now resumed and airlines are working to clear the backlog. Passengers booked on flights are requested to check with their airlines before coming to the airport. Jetstar and Qantas flights were cancelled earlier in the day due to the volcanic ash in the atmosphere from the Chilean volcanic eruption.

4:33: 3.5 New aftershock: Depth of 8km, 20km south-east of Christchurch

4.30: The Prime Minister said the Government is "nowhere near" the situation where it is ready to pull back support for Christchurch. "We remain totally committed to due course it will settle down," Jon Key told a media conference.

4.25: GNS Science said today's aftershocks were within the range of forecasted aftershocks as modelled by scientists. The two aftershocks were centered on the coast and a short distance south of the fault that ruptured on 22 February. "These aftershocks were within the existing Canterbury aftershock zone and were within probabilities," said Kelvin Berryman, Manager of the Natural Hazards Research Platform. "This size of events is likely to produce its own aftershock sequence, therefore rejuvenating aftershock activity at least in the short term.

4.20: Christchurch Fire Service is bringing in extra resources to meet the demand. Fire spokesman Dan Coward says currently all Christchurch crews are on the ground. He says there have been a lot of call outs related to liquefaction.

4.15: Prime Minister John Key told a media conference it was early on and it was hard to know what damage had been caused.
- The Government stood beside Christchurch and was committed to rebuilding the city, Key said.
- "The major setback is in the confidence of people," he said. Key said his "heart goes out to them". The people of Christchurch were strong and "stoic" people who would re-group, Key said.
- He said there was not any advice to give at this stage with regard to water and wastewater. He said advice would be received later today.
- Key said it would make more sense for Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee to go to Christchurch. However, he said his current schedule for tomorrow might change.

4.10: Telecom latest: Mobile and fixed networks continue to be congested. Widespread mains power loss is also affecting mobile and fixed networks, with a number of sites operating on backup power. Telecom continues to ask customers to confine phone use to emergency calling only, and to use text messages as an alternative to calling in order to conserve capacity.

4.05: Prime Minister John Key said there had been "substantial damage" to the CBD. "It is a re-run to what we saw in the earlier earthquakes," he told a media conference.

Aftershock recap:
3:33: 3.5
Depth of 5km, 20km south-east of Christchurch
3.08: 3.7 Depth of 8km,  20km east of Christchurch
2.50: 3.4 Depth of 6km, 10km south-east of Christchurch
2.40: 4.9 Depth of 10km, 10km north-east of Lyttelton
2:20: 6.0 Depth of 9km,10km south-east of Christchurch
1:28: 3.4 Depth of 9km,10km south-east of Christchurch
1:08: 4.4 Depth of 11km, 10km south-east of Christchurch
1:00 5.5 Depth of 11km, 10km south-east of Christchurch

4.00: ONE News is on air from 4pm to 7:30pm. Te Karere at 4pm is followed by ONE News runs from 4:30 through to 7pm - a special ONE News from 4:30 through to 6pm. Then the One News hour. Close Up follows with Mark Sainsbury live from Christchurch.

3.49: Christchurch airport terminal is now open to passengers. An airport spokeswoman says a final check of the runway is being carried out.

3.45: Cashmere High School and Linwood College will both be closed tomorrow so the buildings can be inspected by engineers. There are no visible signs of damage.
Schools are expected to be open again on Wednesday.

3.42: Residents in Lyttelton say damage is almost comparable to the February 22 quake.

3.40: Countdown Bush Inn, Northlands and Rangiora are closed and expected to reopen throughout the afternoon and this evening. Countdown Kaiapoi, Avonhead, Moorhouse, New Brighton, Northwood and Church Corner are  closed and expected to reopen tomorrow. Countdown Colombo St is closed until further notice. Countdown Eastgate has been evacuated and re-entry is subject to engineer checks. Countdown Ferrymead and The Palms remain closed from the February 22 earthquake.
Countdown Hornby remains open and trading, and all distribution centres remain open and operational. Online shopping services in the area have been suspended until further notice.

3.38: The 2degrees network continues to operate. No sites are out of service. The network in Canterbury experienced some minor congestion for a short time after each aftershock

3.35: Another aftershock, 3.7, depth of 8km,  20km east of Christchurch

3.34: Reports of rockfalls in Sumner area still being assessed. There is large dust cloud at Mt Pleasant - residents are asked to limit their travel and stay indoors.
3.28: The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management has activated the National Crisis Management Centre (NCMC) in monitoring mode in response to the Canterbury aftershocks. National Controller, David Coetzee, said the response to the aftershocks is being managed from the Christchurch City council's Emergency Operations Centre.  Coetzee said the NCMC is gathering information to keep the Government informed and to be ready to co-ordinate central government support, should that be needed.
Unconfirmed reports: About 10 people have been reported injured and there have been no fatalities reported to date
- More buildings in the Christchurch central business have been damaged, with some collapsing, including some empty buildings in the Red Zone
- New Zealand Fire Service rescued two people who had been trapped in St John's Church in Latimer Square
- There are no reports of more people being trapped
- There have been rock falls in Sumner
- Liquefaction in the Sumner and Bexley areas
- Police headquarters has been evacuated
- CERA has evacuated its offices.

3.26: Vodafone latest: Vodafone's mobile network in the region is fully operational but due to the current demand is experiencing some congestion. Due to mains power loss, 27 sites are currently working on back-up power and 3 sites are down.

3.22: Orion latest: Power cut to approximately 56,000 customers in Christchurch (just over 25% of customers). Areas affected include Spreydon, Sumner, Redcliffs, Heathcote, New Brighton, Dallington, Fendalton and St Albans. Teams are working to restore power as soon as possible, however access to some areas is difficult due to heavy traffic on the roads.

3.21: CPIT (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology) campuses closed to staff and students until Wednesday June 15.

3.19: Cera (Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority) advising all residents to immediately begin conserving water. Water pressure across the city is low. Limit flushing toilets where possible.

3.15: Christchurch Airport has been evacuated. Terminal building and runways are being checked.

3.12: Witnesses say the Hotel Grand Chancellor is leaning even further.

3.10: Police advise the Red Zone is being evacuated.
- Police are evacuating the central city red zone; reports of a possible gas leak - Fire Service attending.
- Rockfalls reported at Boulder Bay, Shag Rock and other hill locations
- Old Waimakariri bridge closed; Moorhouse Ave overbridge closed; Merivale Mall closed; Gloucester/Gayhurst bridge closed; Anzac Ave bridge closed

3.08: Telecom said that today's big aftershocks have caused significant congestion on both mobile and fixed networks. Mains power loss is also affecting some parts of the network. Telecom is urging customers to confine phone use to emergency calling only, and to use texting in order to conserve capacity on the mobile networks.

3:05: Earthquake recovery minister Gerry Brownlee is leaving parliament and on his way to Christchurch. He was told of the latest aftershocks while in a cabinet meeting.

3.04: Orion New Zealand says power is out to approximately 54,000 customers across the city.

3.01: The Civil Defence bunker under the Beehive in Wellington has been activated, at a "monitoring" level.  That means they are gathering information and they will be ready to co-ordinate if the govt needs it. Currently the operational co-ordination is still coming out of Chrischurch.

3.00: Another aftershock, 4.9, 10km north-east of Lyttelton.

3.00: Christchurch City Council has asked Sumner residents to self-evacuate for safety. Other residents are advised to stay calm and check on the safety of their families and neighbours. The council is advising people to limit travel to ease congestion and make it easier for emergency services to move about the city.

2.55: The 6.0 aftershock at 2.20pm was felt as far away as Wellington.

2.51: ONE News reporter Blair Norton saw a massive plume of dust coming out of the red zone. He said bigger buildings in the city were swaying, particularly the new Inland Revenue Building which is supposed to sway in earthquakes. He said army personnal are guarding a building, where a facade had come down.

2.46: All Christchurch libraries will be closed this afternoon.

2.44: The University of Canterbury is closed. Students have been asked to evacuate campus and head home.

2:42: The second big aftershock was a 6.0 at a depth of 9 kilometres. It was within 5km of Lyttelton; 10km north of Diamond Harbour and 10km south-east of Christchurch.

2.40: The Fire Service is responding to multiple calls, ranging from one rescue of two people from a collapsed building in Hereford Street through to liquefaction, flooding, power lines down, falling debris, and burst sewer and water pipes.
Calls are coming largely from the coastal areas. All resources in the area are responding, including volunteer brigades. The Christchurch Urban Search and Rescue team has been deployed.2.35pm: Vodafone is asking customers in Christchurch to please use text messaging instead of calling, to reduce strain on system.

2.30: St John transported six people to Christchurch hospital with moderately serious as a result of falling building material. Several ambulances were on stand by after the earthquake. 111 calls to the communications centre have now returned to normal levels.St John has not received any further emergency calls relating to the earthquake in the last 20 minutes.

2:25: Another big aftershock has just been reported.

2:20: Police update : Christchurch police say initial reports indicate that damage from the magnitude 5.5 aftershock at 1.00pm today has not been severe.
- A building collapsed on the corner of Stanmore Rd and Worcester St - building is now all clear.
- Small fire at a building in Edgeware Road - fire is controlled and building all clear.
- Two persons trapped in St Johns Church, Latimer Square - now safely recovered and accounted for, being treated by St John Ambulance staff.
- Liquefaction reported at a number of locations.
- Flooding reported at locations including Avonside, New Brighton Bridge
- Road closures including Waygreen Avenue, New Brighton, Anzac Drive Bridge.
- Damage to lights on Waimakariri Bridge.

2:15: The Christchurch Airport has been inspected and flights are running as normal.

2:10: Police have told ONE News there are no fatalities or injuries reported at this stage anywhere.

They can confirm a building has collapse of a unit on the corner of Worcestor St Stanmore Rd.

There has been more significant damage to the already damaged St John Church. Two people were trapped in the building. They are now safe.

There is significant damage to the ANZAC bridge in New Brighton and there is damage to other bridges in New Brighton/Wainoni area.

There are also burst water mains and liquefaction in that area.

2pm: Witnesses in Sumner say parts of Godleys Head have collapsed.

Mayor Bob Parker says there is plenty of liquefaction in Shirley. He says there are some reports of damage in the Red Zone - All work in the zone has ceased, and everyone has been evacuated. Parker says this is the reason business owners shouldn't be in the Red Zone.

1:50: Police say a building on the corner of Stanmore and Worcester St has collapsed, police believe the building to be a unit partially collapsed from previous quake.

There were reports of one person possibly trapped.

Pipes have burst in New Brighton.

Various malls have been evacuated but police say it is precautionary.

St Johns Church in Latimer Square had two trapped inside. They are now out with no injuries. 

It's also feared the aftershock has damaged the central city's Centra Hotel.
There are reports that one of the walls on the western side is on a pronounced lean.

1:45: Bunker has not been activated - Civil Defence are monitoring the situation.

ONE News reporter Joy Reid says people congregating outside and many office buildings evacuated.

Hundreds of school students across Christchurch leaving for the day.

Parents have rushed to schools all around the city many are being told to take their children with them.

1:30: Police advise initial reports of some damage in the city but no reports of injuries at this stage.

Power cut to approximately 10,000 customers in the east of Christchurch ranging from Heathcote to Brooklands including Bromley, Belfast and Marshlands.

Power was also lost for a short time from the Dallington zone substation affecting people in the Dallington and Avonside areas. Power from the Dallington substation has now been restored.

Orion has crews patrolling the areas affected and it is expected that most power will be restored by nightfall.

1:10: Reports of new liquefaction, flooding in Christchurch and people scrambling for safety.  Evacuation of Westfield Riccarton mall & staff evacuated from Pak 'n Save Wainoni.

1pm: 5.5 aftershock hits 10 km south-east of Christchurch, 11km deep.  Reported to be strongly felt in Hokitika.

Did you feel it? Tell ONE News about it. Send your pictures to Or you can have your say on the messageboard below.


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  • raukawa tane said on 2011-06-14 @ 19:53 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Kia ora - such a long haul for all in chch. I will make further donation (in UK) to any e/quake appeal, and trust all kiwis outside of ChCh will do their best to keep up the support. The aftershocks and continuing uncertainty 'bout housing etc must be real stressful - kia kaha to you all.

  • Caz Bartlett said on 2011-06-14 @ 16:15 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Poor Christchurch, coming from NZ our hearts goes out to you all, stay strong and remember we are all thinking of you here in Brisbane.

  • teamillionaire said on 2011-06-14 @ 15:58 NZDT: Report abusive post

    I wonder if Jules Davies would have the same opinion if she were to lose a family member at worse a child. Dont put your pride in the way of nature. sometimes you have to eat humble pie......and especially when we are talking about life taking earthquakes. By the way, there is more than enough space in australia for you to relocate to. I am sure John Key and Julia can work something out for those wanting to relocate. across the ditch will be better than 6 feet under!

  • IrishFellaInNZ said on 2011-06-14 @ 15:56 NZDT: Report abusive post

    I'm in Canterbury University and have had enough - am going on holiday back to Ireland at the end of the year and am seriously considering the possibility of either not coming back and studying abroad, or coming back but moving up to Auckland or down to Dunedin - sick of all this, living in Christchurch has being a joke!

  • BM said on 2011-06-14 @ 14:55 NZDT: Report abusive post

    I think right now we are like a boxer that has been hit in the solar plexus. We are out of wind now but we will get our breath back rise up, fight the next rounds yet to come and in the end with a real fighter's endurance and determination come out the eventual winner over this "quake" contender.

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