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Banks backs away from Olympics bid comments

Published: 6:21AM Wednesday June 30, 2010 Source: ONE News/Newstalk ZB

Auckland Mayor John Banks has backed away from comments over hosting the 2020 Olympic Games.

In an interview on Radio Sport, Banks said he was interested in a potential bid.
But the mayor would not be interviewed further on the subject today. 

Banks told Radio Sport he was having a close look into the new super city launching a bid for the 2020 summer games.

He said the funding from a united super city would make it easier to bid for high-quality global events.

Banks earlier ditched a bid for the Commonwealth Games due to a lack of infrastructure and funds, but the super city mayor contender said in the radio interview there was hope of launching a credible Olympic bid.

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams said the Olympics would cost many billions and that's too much for a country of fewer than five million people.

He said Banks should focus on Auckland's priorities and not be sidetracked by pie in the sky ideas.

"We must not get sidetracked by pie in the sky ideas of grandeur such as hosting the Olympic Games when Auckland will have heavy demand on all available finances to deliver what is needed for the people of the Auckland region" Williams said.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for John Key said Banks raised the idea in passing with the Prime Minister some time ago.

However, the spokesperson said at no stage had there been any meeting or Olympics proposal put to either the Prime Minister or Minister for Sport and Recreation.

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  • wordperfect said on 2010-06-30 @ 20:45 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Hey NZ and Acklnd in particular.... how did banks become mayor? Did he steal the tile? Nope, YOU voted him in,.... for a second time! And now you e going to vote him for Super City Mayor. Good grief, who are the idiots, John Banks or Aucklanders? And as for Super City, what a laugh, some countries have ordinary cities bigger than the whole of NZ.......... get off your ego bike! It's a small Pacific Island.

  • aklred said on 2010-06-30 @ 19:13 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Is there life outside Auckland? How about NZ holding the Olympics. After all, it takes as long to get from one side of London to the other as it does to get from Auckland to Christchurch. And we have one of the best airlines in the world so transport should not be a problem. Track Events in Auckland; Football in Wellington; (7s in Christchurch). Let's think outside the square, or regress into being an also ran.

  • kiwimeeky said on 2010-06-30 @ 16:25 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Is anyone else starting to think they could run for Auckland's Super-Mayor? All you have to do is come up with dreams that people will like but are ultimately impossible to follow-through on when you get into power. Well if you vote for me I will bring Leprechauns to Auckland Zoo, the Loch-ness monster to Kelly Tarltons and then I will undertake research into growing money trees and pigs that have wings!

  • katibruce said on 2010-06-30 @ 13:34 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Is Banks Mad??? Complete madness. it would bankrupt New Zealand! Look at Greece! They are broke and the 2004 Olympics is a big factor in that, also look at Montreal (1976 Olympics) The City of Montreal only just paid off their Olympic stadium in 2006! Talk about decades of debt for a 2 week party! Vancouver and BC are deeply in Debit for this years Winter Olympics , education and health services have been cut back to hep pay for the event. MADNESS to even think about it.

  • dinther said on 2010-06-30 @ 13:26 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And why would that be different for a super city? Instead of making monumental mistakes wasting this years rate-payers money they will now make ginormeous stuff-ups that will future rate income today. It is not just that Banks is a bad mayor. Anyone who stands for this position and pushes his apple cart full of pet ideas is by definition not suitable. Conclusion: A big city mayor will always be absolutely corrupt. "Small is good" "Smaller is better"