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April Fools' Day proves alluring for some

Published: 3:40PM Sunday April 01, 2012 Source: ONE News

  • April Fools (Source: ONE News)
    Google Maps' 8-bit rendition of the North Island. - Source: ONE News

It was a busy news day around the country, with a political party and a major airline taking advantage of the April Fools' Day to announce bold new plans.

The Greens Party announced four additional party leaders, and Air New Zealand introduced potentially controversial 'straight up fares'.

Search giant Google is also offering users of its Maps service the option of viewing the maps in 8 bit, reminiscent of old Nintendo game graphics.

Speaking on their new leadership mix, Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman said the party, which has always had a male and female co-leader, had decided the time had come for further innovation.

"We will be introducing a more inclusive model of leadership that covers youth and rainbow representatives," added Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei.

The party said that it was introducing a broader leadership model that will include male and female youth and rainbow co-leaders. The additional co-leaders will be Holly Walker, Gareth Hughes, Jan Logie and Kevin Hague.

Responding to the 'news', Green Party Co-leader Holly Walker, said, "When Metiria and Russel, told me I was like no way, and they were like way, and I was like that's like awesome."

"This is tots gangsta man, I'm gonna tweet this everywhere," said Green Party Co-leader Gareth Hughes.

'Straight up fares'

Air New Zealand's grabaseat website says that from today even cheaper tickets will be available on planes that are already full, with new 'straight up fares'.

Effective immediately, aircraft on selected grabaseat domestic routes will be fitted with hand-straps attached from the ceiling, in a style that will be "instantly familiar to anyone who's travelled to work on a bus," says the website.

"Unlike buses, passengers will not be able to request stops."

The design innovation is expected to boost the capacity of a 737-300 from 133 passengers to 202.

Grabaseat manager Duane Perrott says the idea for these new fares came from customer feedback.

"People always say to me 'Duane, we love buses, but we hate how they can't travel a thousand kilometres an hour, or traverse large bodies of water'.

"Well thanks to our new 'straight up fares', our customers can now have the best of both worlds - the speed and distance of air travel, plus the snug affordability of standing up on a bus."

Online hotel booking has gone to the dogs

Not to be outdone, online booking website has launched an online app it says will allow dogs to browse some of the best hotels from the comfort of their basket or kennel.

The iPad app, named iPaw, can be accessed with the swipe of a paw, and allows dogs to view accommodation at a range of canine-friendly hotels at destinations across the globe.

The company has the app was developed in conjunction with canine expert Professor Fip Arooll, and is designed to help dogs express their hotel choice in a fun, interactive way.

"The graphics are specifically designed for dog's eyesight and the app features engrossing background music at a frequency too high for human ears."