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Apple co-founder visits Kim Dotcom

Published: 10:50AM Friday June 22, 2012 Source: ONE News/ Fairfax

The world's digital media has been excited over the latest visitor to Kim Dotcom's Auckland home - Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

The Megaupload founder was arrested after police swooped on his home in January and stands accused of breaching copyright laws costing owners more than US$500 million. He is on bail at his luxury Coatesville mansion ahead of extradition hearings.

Wozniak was in New Zealand last month but it was only realised he visited Dotcom when Dotcom tweeted it , along with a photo.

Dotcom said Wozniak was a "great guy & supporter" who was helping users of MegaUpload get their files back.

Tech website CNET, which along with others was reporting the Wozniak-Dotcom meeting, said previous endorsements had come from reality star Kim Kardashian, singer Alicia Keys and from the Black Eyed Peas.

Torrentfreak published the photo and commented that for a man who had his assets seized and his business shut down, Dotcom was doing alright for himself.

It said Dotcom was about to start MegaBox, a cloud-based music service he was working on before MegaUpload was shut down.

"In an unlikely twist, Dotcom's efforts have attracted the attention of Wozniak, who flew all the way to New Zealand to visit the MegaUpload founder," Torrentfreak reported.

"Dotcom, who was on house arrest at the time, told TorrentFreak that Wozniak was intent on helping MegaUpload users get their seized files back from the US Government."

Dotcom also tweeted a picture of him working in the studio on his music video for his new song Mr. President, which he says is coming out 'for free' early next week.

A judge has called for an urgent review to determine whether the Megaupload founder should be allowed to see the information the United States government is planning to use in its case against him.

Authorities say Dotcom and his three co-accused - Mathias Ortmann, Fin Batato and Bram Van der Kolk - used Megaupload and its affiliated sites to knowingly make money from pirated movies and games.