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Anti gay marriage website crashes after 'attack'

Published: 8:42AM Monday July 30, 2012 Source: ONE News

A website launched today to oppose the same-sex marriage bill crashed today after what has been described as "a large scale denial of service attack".

Family First, which launched the Protect Marriage website, says after being alerted by media that the website was down, it was informed by its webhost company that the domain was experiencing a large scale denial of service attack.

The company said it was actively blocking the IP addresses associated with the attack and would continue to monitor the domain throughout the day.

Family First National Director Bob McCoskrie said in a statement at 1pm that the website was back up and running.

However, it went down again after that and was back online shortly before 2pm.

Separately, San Francisco-based band Train had one of its songs published on the website, which it has requested to be taken off.

The site features news articles and resources about marriage and has a clip of the Train song Marry Me on it .

Twitter users alerted the band to video, asking why they were allowing one of their songs on the site.

A member of the band responded they did not know it was on there and were getting it off as soon as possible.


Today's attack comes after Labour MP Louisa Wall's private member's bill, which would allow all New Zealanders to marry regardless of their sexual orientation, was plucked from a ballot of more than 60 last week.The bill is likely to be subject to a conscience vote, with MPs not being held to party lines.

Family First NZ opposes the law, saying marriage should come under the traditional religious definition.

The Protect Marriage website has the slogan "one man, one woman, that's marriage". People can sign a petition against the legalisation of same sex marriages on the site.

McCoskrie said the state did not have authority to "re-invent marriage".

"Equality does not mean we must redefine marriage. Same-sex couples have the option of civil unions to recognise their relationship so there is no need for redefining marriage."

However, a national campaign for marriage and adoption equality disagrees with the website.

"Marriage has changed throughout history from a primarily religious institution to a social recognition of love between two human beings," LegaliseLove president Andrew Cunningham said.

"Today, it would seem absurd for an atheist to be banned from marrying the person they choose because of the religious origins of marriage."

The campaign encouraged those who support the bill to speak with their local MPs.

Wall's bill, which would amend the principal Marriage Act 1955, seeks to redefine marriage as a union of two people regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

According to a survey by TV ONE's Close Up, the bill has the definite support of 42 MPs, and needs 61 votes to pass.

A leading American gay rights activist says he is confident New Zealand will legalise same sex marriage soon.

Evan Wolfson, who was once in Time Magazine's 100 most influential people of the year, was a guest speaker at a gay rights seminar in Wellington on Saturday.

The US attorney said he was confident New Zealand would become the 15th country in the world to legalise same sex marriage.