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Anglican clergy prepared to help flood victims

Published: 10:37PM Saturday January 15, 2011 Source: NZPA

New Zealand Anglican clergy are prepared to fly to Queensland to assist with funerals and pastoral care of flood victims.

Archbishop David Moxon, of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, with the support of his fellow Archbishops Brown Turei and Winston Halapua, has made the offer to Archbishop Philip Aspinall of Brisbane.

The Diocese of Wellington, which is a companion diocese of Brisbane, has offered three priests, while the Diocese of Waikato is ready to send one. It was hoped that Brisbane Anglicans would feed and accommodate them. Stipends and airfares, however, would be met by Anglicans in New Zealand.

"Archbishop Aspinall is taking our offer very seriously and will indicate soon whether such support is needed," Archbishop Moxon said.

"There's a concern that further rain will worsen the crisis in Queensland. If so, local churches may be grateful for the help of extra clergy."

Archbishop Moxon also has called on Anglicans here to pray for the rescue effort.

"The loss of at least 15 people - some of them children - is a tragedy we all feel deeply," he said.

"We uphold all the people of Queensland and beyond in our hearts and prayers as they struggle through the aftermath of the flooding."