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Peter Urlich

Peter Urlich was born, unbelievably in (late) 1956 and thus he has more life experience than his angelic little face gives away.  Raised in a poor but loving Catholic family in Auckland's Brooklyn (Panmure), Peter was indeed a product of his Yugoslavian/Maori bloodlines and quickly learnt that his natural acting and singing abilities could attract the attention that he craved.  "You're a bloody show-off" declared his brother Mark when P.U was only 4.

Urlich was schooled at Sacred Heart College, that hotbed of teenage musical yearning where he fraternised with Dave Dobyn, Neil & Tim Finn, Rikki Morris and Mike Chunn, among others.  He was very popular at school due to his mothers cooking (he would bring yummy things for the starving boarding students to eat) and to the fact that he knew lots of young women.  No sixth form party was complete without him and his entourage.  He actually found some time to study (University Entrance Bursary) and to play sport (Rugby, Tennis and Rowing rep.) before leaving college to search for fame and fortune.

Urlich's first grown-up job was in the cutthroat world of advertising where he was employed by an agency as a junior Art Director at the tender age of 17 - he had artistic leanings as well!  By night, however, he was rehearsing his first band, a quintet called Chillum that found appreciative audiences around the surfclubs and Rugby clubrooms of greater Auckland.  So popular were they that they attracted the attention of a publican called Kevin Lane whose establishment, The Windsor Castle in Parnell, was a famous rock venue.  He booked the young band to play and on a wet Wednesday night they took the stage, complete with their new name, Th' Dudes, and wowed them.

Four years filled with endless touring, countless gigs, recording sessions, inter-band violence, award, fans and critics... it was your typical rock'n'roll package with many of the finer details blurred in Peter's addled mind.  The split-up came as almost a relief and Peter left for 18 months overseas, spent mostly in Amsterdam and London.

On his return, he investigated an interest in dance-clubs and started the first of many venues throughout the 80's that catered to an Auckland scene hungry for dancing, drinking and dressing up.  A Certain Bar, Zanzibar, The Six Month Club, The Brat, le Bom, Berlin, Roma - they all had the magic ingredient that attracted the 'in crowd'.

The 90's rolled around and Peter needed a respite again from entertainment and so he returned to advertising and developed his skills as a writer for 18 months.

Music and specifically Dance Music, still had Peter hooked and the chance to host a Saturday morning show on Auckland's BFM was too tempting.  It became known as Nice n' Urlich (Nice being DJ Bevan Keys) and fast grew into a weekend institution.  It also spawned the hugely successful live act which has seen Nice n' Urlich regularly sell out large venues like the St. James Theatre and recently attract over 20,000 people to a concert in the Auckland Domain.

Peter is still on radio but the frequency is now Auckland's George FM where for the last 12 months, he has been the breakfast show host.  His first child, Joe, arrived in September 2002 and has given his life a new dimension.

Peter is passionate about music, sport, design and entertainment, and he has strong opinions on the subjects of family and food.