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Week Three on My Kitchen Rules

This week we met the first teams from group two - newlyweds Uel and Shannelle, couple David and Corinne and BFFs Thalia and Bianca (the youngest team in the competition). Watch right now on TVNZ Ondemand  to see how they got on.

This week's Instant Restaurants


On Monday... Newylweds Uel and Shannelle take to the kitchen. Love blossomed when they started cooking together but, can they keep the magic alive under the pressure of an instant restaurant?


On Tuesday... Despite their 22 year age gap, love is all around for David and Corinne , but when cooking together against the clock, will their seafood themed night sink or swim?


On Wednesday... The youngest team in the competition and BFF's, Thalia and Bianca  are up! Can they bring enough culinary maturity to impress their fellow home chefs and judges?


All this week's recipes - along with tips for how to get them just right (which would have come in handy for some of the teams!!) are available in the MKR Recipes section.


What you've been saying...

Each week we'll give you a breakdown of what's been happening on social and how your scores are stacking up against Pete and Manu's verdicts!


During each episode, you’ve got the chance to have your say… Disagree with the judges? Think that a dish deserves 10 out of 10? Cast your vote at !

So how did NZ scores stack up against Pete and Manu’s verdicts this week?


Pete and Manu's   

average score... 

The team's

average score...  

NZ's average 


Uel and Shannelle




David and Corinne




Thalia and Bianca





Popular memes

It's all happening on Facebook - here are some of this week's most popular memes! Don't forget to join in the conversation - #MKRNZ on Facebook and Twitter!




Tweet of the week

We agree @Xenojay! Uel's 'Patasty' was pun gold! He's got more where that came from, so look out for more gems like this.




The smiling assassin...

There's been a lot of talk around the tables this week about the indentity of the smiling assassin. Jess? Bree? David? Or someone else... Have your say in our homepage poll .

Our money's on David, who's been sparking lots of chatter on Facebook and Twitter with his comments... could he be the biggest villain in MKR history?


 We wouldn't be so sure David...