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Week Ten on MKR

This week was a shocker, with three teams waving goodbye for good! There's no room for leftovers in kitchen HQ, so the remaining contestants will have their work cut out. 

Monday kicked off with a tense Sudden Death, as Sheri and Emilie had to face off with their mates Eva and Debra. It was spice vs. nice, and Gran's home cooking didn't quite cut it this time. It was a tearful goodbye, but the girls reckon they'll be friends forever no matter what. Nawwww!

A surprise announcement from Vicky and Celine meant the numbers dwindled even more. They had to withdraw for health reasons, but their Greek flair sure will be missed! 

Order up! Tuesday's challenge saw the contestants serving hundreds of hungry patrons. It was a pub crawl with a little extra heat, as they frantically pushed out dish after dish. Some didn't go down so well, but Jac and Shaz hit the spot, winning People's Choice with their char-grilled lamb.  

Rob and Dave made curry in a hurry, but it didn't impress Colin and Pete. They were sent to Sudden Death, alongside Robert and Lynzey who failed on flavour. 

Both teams have been high-scorers in Round One - but in MKR, you're only as good as your last meal. The Southerners went down in a blaze of glory, and our favourite storyteller bid farewell.