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Week Six on My Kitchen Rules

Can you believe we're at week six already? This week saw the final three Instant Restaurants take place and another team had to pack up their knives and head home.

Here's this week's weekly digest, and don't forget you can watch the most recent episodes right now on TVNZ Ondemand .

This week's Instant Restaurants



On Monday... Best mates Harry and Christo were hoping to shine after their first Instant Restaurant failed to impress, but did they deliver?


On Tuesday... It was all aboard for the captain's second shot at Instant Restaurant success... but did David and Corinne learn from their mistakes as they attempted to stay afloat in the competition?


On Wednesday... It's was time for mother and daughter team Cathy and Anna  to show Pete and Manu what they could do. Did they save the best until last? Plus, one team was eliminated before the final twelve found out what's next. 


All this week's recipes - along with tips for how to get them just right (which would have come in handy for some of the teams!!) are available in our MKR Recipes section.


What you've been saying...


Each week we'll give you a breakdown of what's been happening on social and how your scores are stacking up against Pete and Manu's verdicts!


During each episode, you’ve got the chance to have your say… Disagree with the judges? Think that a dish deserves 10 out of 10? Cast your vote at !

So how did NZ scores stack up against Pete and Manu’s verdicts this week?


Pete and Manu's   

average score... 

Other team's

average score...  

NZ's average 


Harry & Christo




David & Corinne




Cathy & Anna





Popular memes

It's all happening on Facebook - here are some of this week's most popular memes! Don't forget to join in the conversation - #MKRNZ on Facebook and Twitter!






Tweet of the week

There were quite a few #ClassicDave tweets this week. Love him or hate, Dave's definitely created lots of memorable moments this year. Even in what might have been his last moments in the competition, he couldn't resist twisting the knife into Cathy and Anna's dessert. We're a fan of this Tweet from @KiwiMinns. 


And finally...

It's time to say goodbye to David and Corinne. We're sure there weren't too many tears from the other teams when they said goodbye to Dave.