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Week Fifteen on MKR

This week was jam-packed with thrills and spills on the bumpy road to the final! 

The Ultimate Instant Restaurant round continued with Will and Steve kicking things off on Monday. 

The chase was on to find the perfect pigeon, but the real question was did their menu fly well with the judges? 

They were off to a blazing start, and with the perfect pork crackling came the crack of Drasko's heart, things sure weren't looking good for him and Bianca. 

Will and Steve may have crumbled at dessert time - like the crust of their apple tart... but overall they scored a solid 79, placing them firmly at the top pf the leader board. They even managed to convince Manu that a dish didn't need sauce, something we never imagined possible!


On Tuesday we traveled back to where it all started, in Mt. Isa with Jac and Shaz!

These lovely ladies have proved time and again that simple can still be sensational. 

Our hearty home cooks made their small town proud with a menu that impressed everyone at the table, earning them a spot on the board just below Will and Steve.


On Wednesday night we had a taste of deja vu, heading back to Ash and Camilla's Dans La Maison restaurant. 

Ash's French speaking might still be a little rusty, but French food is their forte!  

The girls revealed a more creative side this time around, letting us see past their initial classy confidence. 

They may have spent a fortune on lobster, but they were rewarded, with positive feedback from the harshest critic France has to offer, Manu! 

Some strategic scoring came in to play when it was time for the other teams to award points, the burning smell of desperation perhaps? 



Unfortunately one team had to be left behind, and as expected, it was goodbye for our passionate, aspiring chef... But it's just the beginning for Drasko and Bianca, who promise to keep following the dream, now that they know it's possible!


Congratulations to our four semi-final teams!