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Uel be missed

Uel and Shannelle provided a whole lot of love and laughs on this year’s My Kitchen Rules. The newlyweds we saccharine-sweet… and ironically it was sweetness that let them down in their showdown in their Sudden Death battle with Josh and Danielle.

But it’s not just their sweetness that made Uel and Shannelle a “darling” team… Uel’s puns were TV gold!

Here’s our round-up of our favourites… Uel be missed!

5. “What do you call bear that’s stuck in the rain?” “A drizzly bear”

Who doesn’t love a bad epic ‘dad joke’? Uel told a few – and Shannelle’s face each time said she’d heard them all before – and with each one we loved the newlyweds a little bit more.

One of Uel’s favourites made not one, but two appearances in the show – with mixed results! In the school yard challenge, the kids lapped it up… but the crowd at the Norton Street Italian Festival were a tougher crowd altogether.



4. “Fish for kids is perfect… because they’re both in schools”

Uel and Shannelle came out on top in the school yard challenge, and it might have had something to do with how popular they were with the kids.

From the spot-on ‘dad jokes’ to the “yummay” fish fingers, our favourite newlyweds were top of the class.


3. “Looks like this one’s a bit of a belly-flop”

The dead-pan delivery. The obviousness of the pun. The fact that Jess and Felix had done nothing but criticise for the entire Instant Restaurant round.

Uel summed up the mood of the table perfectly, before adding a bit of sympathy for his hosts by saying that he knows how much belly flops hurt! Such a nice guy.


2 = “I’ve gotta get these crabs on, I’ve gotta be snappy… otherwise the judges might be crabby”  AND

2= “When I finally finish these eggs I’m eggstatic, I feel so eggcited, I’m eggsuberant”

Uel obviously wasn’t letting the pressure of facing Sudden Death get in the way of a perfect pun opportunity, cranking out not one – but two – menu-themed gems in the same cook-off.

From the crab hand actions to the way Shannelle cuts off his egg yokes jokes, Uel takes his comedy to new levels!

Bonus points for how Shannelle still laughs at her hubby’s jokes while facing elimination! All together now… Awww…


1. “Pâté… more like pa-tasty”

Simply perfection! A dish like that was crying out for Uel’s pun treatment and will go down in history as classic moment from this year’s MKR.

Farewell to the darlings of MKR - Uel and Shannelle, it's been sweet!