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Rowan and Sophia (Victoria)

Rowan and Sophia on My Kitchen Rules

Jumping into the kitchen together was a natural progression for these food-loving workmates.

"We discovered pretty quickly that we're both obsessed with food," says Sophia Lindsay, 35, who works as the creative services manager at the same company where Rowan Booth, 25, is a data analyst.

"All our friends know we're the ones sitting in a corner at a party chatting about the food we're eating and how it was made," he adds.

Since they started working together a year ago, the office has been treated to a few treats, including a gravy off.

"We were comparing our roasts one day and both talking up our gravy," says Rowan. "So we decided to judge whose really was the best and we bought a sample in to work for our workmates to judge."

While Sophia walked away with the inaugural crown, Rowan is itching for a rematch.

But until then, they'll be combining their recipes as they aim for a bigger crown together in the My Kitchen Rules competition.

Having both lived in the country during their childhoods, Sophia says they have similar food upbringings. "It was about our nans pavlovas, trifle, sponge cakes, all traditional country style meals," says Sophia.

While Rowan admits to still cooking big hearty, country style foods, such as casseroles, fruit and nut cake and sticky date pudding, Sophia believes her culinary creativity has morphed into modern Australian cuisine.

"I've had a lot of influences from friends I've met along the way, people I've worked with and other friends' parents. So I'd say I'm pretty broad in terms of technique and flavour and it's very modern Australian," she says.

Aside from their love of food, they also share a special love for their dogs and often take Sophia's Labrador retriever Jethro and Rowan's kelpies Fifi and Jack to the beach for walks together.

"We enjoy our puppy dates as it gives us a chance to talk about food," says Sophia.

While both are happy in their current jobs, Sophia says she'd love to one day get into food styling while Rowan aspires to having his own cookbook and café.

"Although," says Rowan, "I wouldn't cope well with writing a cookbook because I rarely follow a recipe. I'm more likely to go with my instincts than follow a recipe."