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Megan and Andy (Sales reps)

Megan and Andy

"Sometimes we don't get along outside in the kitchen but for some reason it all comes together when we're cooking."

Megan and Andy are just your average couple from Tasmania but there's nothing ordinary about their cooking.

"People might think that we're just your average happy couple but our kitchen is our castle," Andy, 41, says.

Megan, 31, adds: "And one thing that ain't average about us is our food."

The pair may be newly engaged but it definitely wasn't love at first sight when they first met four years ago. "We didn't hit it off," Megan says. "But over time we became friends and realised we had a lot in common. We both love the great outdoors, fishing and camping."

A love of food was another passion they both shared. "We both love being in the kitchen together," Megan says.

But the first meal Megan cooked for Andy didn't exactly go to plan. Chilli mussels were on the menu but she forgot one important ingredient. "We sat down to eat the mussels and I said, 'They taste strange,'" Andy recalls. "That's when she realised she'd forgotten to add the chilli!"

The couple credit their families for teaching them how to cook. Megan learnt much of what she knows from her sister Sarah, a former chef. "I picked up lots of hints from her and from working in restaurants as a waitress," she says.

Meanwhile Andy's mentor was his mum. "I started cooking when I was a little boy with my mother and just loved it. My cooking got more adventurous after I met Megan."

Their biggest strength is their team work and communication skills. "We work well as a team and prioritise well together and make the right decisions," Megan says.

They're complete opposites which can cause tensions to boil over in the kitchen.

"I'm the calming influence and Megan runs around like a cyclone," Andy says.

Megan agrees, adding: "Andrew's more laid back and doesn't worry so much. It does drive me mad sometimes. He'll let things burn occasionally because he's so relaxed."

Despite their differences, they manage to find the right balance. "Sometimes we don't get along outside in the kitchen but for some reason it all comes together when we're cooking," Megan says.

Modern Australian is their cuisine of choice with a focus on seafood. "We love everything about seafood," Megan says. "My favourite dish would have to be fresh sizzling garlic king prawns."

Andy adds: "I seem to cook bouillabaisse, a rich seafood soup, quite a lot."

While Megan is a fan of Jamie Oliver, Andy's favourite chef is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. "I love his approach to food," he says. "He grows his own food so everything is fresh and f ree range."

The couple both work in sales selling paint products to hardware stores. If they were to win My Kitchen Rules, starting up their own catering business would be their dream.

"We love the program, that's why we came on," Andy says.

Megan adds: "We're in this competing to win it, so we're gonna give it our best."