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Kerry and Holly (WA)

Kerry and Holly from My Kitchen Rules

Eliminated - episode 12:
Sudden death against Kane and Lee
Place in top 12: 12th

West Australia's Kerry and Holly are the first mother and daughter duo to appear on My Kitchen Rules.

The Perth pair definitely see it as an advantage. "We are close as we are family", Holly says. "If we were friends and something wrong happened, then there could be a huge falling out. But we'll always be family. That's going to keep us strong and sane." Kerry adds, "We can have a rip roaring fight and then the next minute she'll walk into the kitchen and we'll burst out laughing."

Aged 57, Kerry is this year's oldest competitor. This experience will hold them in good stead according to Holly. "She is an amazing cook", she says. "She has incredible flair and intuition when it comes to food. And I have learnt everything I know from her." However, Kerry admits she wasn't always handy in the kitchen. "I got married when I was 20 and I could not cook", she says. "The first thing I cooked for my husband Matt was inedible. I realised then I had to learn how to cook. So on our first anniversary he bought me Elizabeth David's Provincial French Cookbook and I worked my way through it. That's how it all began."

Holly, 26, credits her mother for inspiring her to cook. "From a very early age, I was drawn to the kitchen", Holly says. "My mother used to find me hiding in the pots and pans cupboard when I was two years old. I have fond memories of helping her with dinner parties and inventing new dishes. She is my best friend and its fantastic that we share this passion together."

Kerry is equally complimentary of her daughter. "Holly is a lot more creative than I am so she brings something different to the table", she says. "I'm more into cooking the meal but she loves to make a dish look great. Their cooking repertoire is very broad and ranges from French, Mediterranean, modern Australian and their family favourite, Indian. "We like eating lots of different foods", Kerry says.

Kerry is a semi-retired teacher while Holly works as a contract specialist for a mining company. She describes her wedding to her engineer husband Scott as "the best day of her life". "My husband jokes that when we go away on holidays, the itinerary is dictated by food and restaurants first, and activities second", she laughs.

While Holly would love to open a tapas bar or bistro, Kerry is keen to establish a takeaway home-cooking business. "One of my worries when I go shopping is seeing so many families buying frozen food", she says. "I'd love to have a place that prepared takeaway meals that were nutritiously cooked. It could be a curry, casserole or a roast with vegetables all ready to go for families who are too time-poor to do it themselves."