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Kerrie and Craig (Childhood sweethearts)

Kerrie and Craig on My Kitchen Rules

For nearly 40 years, they’ve been the apple of each other’s eye. But Craig endured six years of unrequited love before Kerrie finally noticed him.

Mind you, Craig was the ripe old age of eight when he fell for Kerrie – the new kid at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Sunbury – at first sight. Craig saw her in the schoolyard, turned to his friends and said, "I’m going to marry that girl."

It wasn’t until six years later in the summer of 1975 that they started going out. But Craig, 52, and Kerrie, 53, have been together ever since. They got married in 1981 and have four kids, aged 29-23 and two grandkids.

Kerrie says she and Craig started cooking together as teens. "Our parents were meat and three veg, lots of lamb in those days, so we were inventive and would just make up stuff."

"Once Kerrie got her license we started going to restaurants downtown and tasting new foods and getting excited about it," adds Craig, who recently left his family’s meat processing business to enjoy "a gap year".

That interest in food saw them determined to have a family of good eaters. "We had little kids from an early age. So we did cook a lot but we cooked interesting things. And our kids are grateful for that because they have good palates. Not like we had. If we did go out, as little kids they were great to take, because they tried everything."

Now, every special occasion they go somewhere new and special. And they travel regularly, having happily eaten their way across countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Morocco. "We book the first night and the first flight, nothing more," says Craig. "We’re not big planners."

When it comes to cooking, however, Kerrie admits to being very organised.

"That’s the only way I can operate in the kitchen," she says. "I’m the boss and Craig does what he’s told, pretty much. Craig helps me prepare. I like everything prepared and I normally have a running list. With dinner parties I work it backwards from when we’re going to sit down. We have lots of parties and I always have a running sheet. I organise my life that way. I’m just organised."

In contrast, Craig admits: "I’m just a nutcase in the kitchen. I throw things around the place. But I make a great Sunday brunch while Kerrie stays in bed. That’s the day she’s not allowed in the kitchen."