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Harry and Christo (Best mates)

Harry and Christo (Best mates)

According to Christo, women like a man who knows his way around the kitchen.

"I think girls like a guy who can cook," he says. It is a sentiment shared whole heartedly by Harry.

The family-orientated Melbourne lads, both 26, maintain food is all about making memories.

"It’s probably why I love cooking the most," says Harry. "Being able to bring a group of people together, and with food, create memories."

Friends since birth, the boys grew up in Victoria’s Geelong, shadowing their mums in the kitchen.

"From a very young age I would watch mum make spaghetti bolognese, which I could never say, and then she would watch me do it and see if I was doing it right," says Harry.

"Mum had a rule that at 7pm the whole family would sit down as soon as dad got home and we’d talk about our day. It was very much family time and it’s what made me fall in love with food."

Likewise, Christo: "My mum makes a delicious chocolate cake and learning to make that as a kid is one of my early food memories. I would always help out with dinner through the week, whether it just peeling a potato or chopping a carrot."

These days, their skills are somewhat more refined.

"I enjoy cooking Mediterranean, French, Italian and Greek food," says Christo, who recently started up his own sweet treats gifting business, Chrispy’s Kitchen. "I also like barbequed food and light salads."

Covering all bases, Harry’s specialties are curries, laksas and American-style food.

Growing up, the quick-witted boys were constantly in trouble for talking during class, mostly instigated by Harry!

"I’m sort of like the vacuum," Harry laughs. "Anyone who sits around me gets sucked in."

"We were always up to mischief," says Christo.

Now their nonsense usually involves pursuing women.

"We’re single and ready to mingle," says Harry, who lives with his parents and works in real estate. "We’re gentleman, but unfortunately I’m yet to be taken home to someone’s mother."

Previously working in event management, Christo prides himself on being well-groomed and keeps fit by swimming laps up to five times a week.

Eager to share their belief that food should create a memory, the Victorian twosome hope to set up food trucks with unique dining options that create an "experience in itself."