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Contestants' Secret Ingredients!

Every great cook has a favourite secret ingredient they love to use! The My Kitchen Rules contestants reveal theirs...

Team Victoria
Clint: Pomegranate molasses.
Noah: Dodoni Greek feta because it works with so many dishes.

Team Western Australia
Marc: Balsamic glaze. You can use it for a savory dish and a sweet dish.
Natalie: Garlic. I also like adding anchovies into my spaghetti to give it a real boost in flavour.

Team South Australia
Melissa: Wine. Not for the dishes I make but for me! Theres nothing better than opening a nice bottle of red while preparing dinner. It's relaxing and puts me at ease when I'm cooking.
Paul: Native bush spices. It can add an element of surprise to any dish.

Team Queensland
Tanja: Probably anything from the spice cupboard ... I have TOO MANY spices, but keep buying more!
Gen: Coconut. I add it to LOTS of recipes because its one of my favourite flavours!

Team New South Wales
Mossy: Simply salt and pepper. I use it in every dish I serve.
Gabe: Fresh eggs.

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