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Episode 12 - Allan Potts, Hastings

Episode 12 - Allan Potts, Hastings

Allan Potts is the husband of our late great middle distant runner, Sylvia Potts, who died of cancer 8 years ago.

She was the love of his life and his partner in everything, at that point he could have given up, but pulled himself together to continue the work they had be doing together for many years for athletics in New Zealand. 

Allan is the spokesperson and staunch leader of fundraising for athletics in the Hawkes Bay, and his latest challenge is to get the money together to build a new athletics and sports centre so they can host national events.

Closest to Allan's heart is coaching young athletes to achieve outstanding results.  He is there for these young New Zealanders every day, rain or shine, seven days a week and everything he does is completely voluntary, every cent he has is put into athletics. 

Not only does he support their sport, he picks them up when they don't have transport, takes an interest in their wellbeing, remembers their birthdays, keeps in touch when they move away, etc.

Allan appears at athletics events all over New Zealand at his own expense to support his kids.  Every year he hosts a very large and recognised track and field event named the "Sylvia Potts Classic", which is held in memory of his wife as a NZ athlete and all the proceeds go back into youth athletics and cancer research. 

He always wears a "Sylvia" rose on his lapel (one thing in the garden he does take the time to look after) - Allan is an emotional man with a big heart, who is loved by many.
"Potzee has provided a wonderful opportunity for the kids of Hawke's Bay, without him athletics wouldn't be an option and many of us would be on the streets getting into trouble.  Instead, athletics has been such a positive influence, teaching us valuable motivation, perseverance and time management - skills which have carried over into other areas of our lives producing a number of successful young leaders in Hawke's Bay Schools".

The Mucking In experience in Allan's own words

The make over of my garden was beyond my wildest expectations.

I had no idea what I was to expect in my garden when I got back from my short vacation.

It is not easy for me to put into words that would do justice to what has happened in my garden at 214 Terrace Road Hastings.

My neighbors have been asking to bring their friends to look and they are " blown away ", it is now up to me to keep it looking as wonderful as it today.

It is wonderful to hear the stories about the work that groups took part in. A big thanks to all that took part in the Make over.

The 2-day vacation with Laura, Nellie and Sonia was also brilliant, the accommodation and surrounds were out of this world. The Girls looked after me very well with Sonia being an excellent cook. They also were very thoughtful asking and taking me too my late wife's grave so I was able to spend some time with her.

Allan Potts

A few words from Allan's nominator - Gaye Nicholls

The Mucking In experience was far more than just doing a garden.  The whole experience was very humbling and this was the opinion of everybody who worked in the garden.

Everybody working together to no personal or financial gain, just to show another person how much they care and are truly grateful for what they have done over the last 40 years.

The Mucking In TVNZ crew were amazing, we all had a wonderful time and the end result just left everybody speechless (and tearful).  An event like this that brings a community together is an experience that leaves a very special mark not to mention garden, and touches many lives in a very special way.

Thank you to TVNZ and the very special and talented Mucking in crew for making this possible.