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Episode 1 - Vacation Weekend

Episode 1 - Mike Keenan, Hokitika

Vacation Weekend

Mike is one of those happy go-lucky kinda guys, who is overjoyed with any entertainment arrangements that are made.  We asked Mike what he would prefer for his vacation weekend and he chose to relish in his own private company and that of the other people working and staying were he was.

Because Mike is a keen outdoors man, who likes a bit of nature, we sent him to Lake Brunner Lodge, a gracious and renowned luxury lodge on the West Coast, surrounded by outstanding protected wilderness and the lodge's own private 5,500 hectare station.

The team from Lake Brunner Lodge were fantastic and kindly took care of Mike during his vacation, including all his meals and picnic hampers during the weekend.

Mike spent the Friday afternoon relaxing at Lake Brunner and thinking about what all the volunteers were up to with his garden back in Hokitika.

Early on the Saturday morning, Mike and our field cameramen, Dan, were picked up by the very knowledgeable fishing guide, Brian Hoy, from Westland Guiding.  Brian whisked Mike away for a day of Fly Fishing on Lake Brunner. 

Now Mike had never been fly fishing before, so he wasn't expecting too much.  But Brian Hoy was set on a catch and, he wasn't let down. .Mike caught two trout on a catch and release basis from off the boat and even Dan caught one too!  Mike was so ecstatic about his fishing bounty that he is now considering doing a bit more fishing in the future.

On the Sunday, a late check-out was arranged so that Mike could chill out at Lake Brunner Lodge and enjoy the serenity of the surrounding area before returning home for the reveal of his new Mucking In garden.