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Miss Popularity


Anya signed up for her Miss Popularity escapade to parts unknown despite a deep-seated fear of spiders which sends her screaming every time she sees one - something that could well prove a challenge in the Outback.

The 21-year-old has just finished a Bachelor of Arts majoring in social sciences and advertising and says she'd love to win Miss Popularity and go travelling - and that she'd have a go at absolutely anything legal to win it.

She's tried her hand at many sports, including hockey and cricket, and is currently learning to surf. Anya also confesses to being somewhat obsessed with rugby - albeit mostly with Daniel Carter and Carlos Spencer!

Anya says she's pretty happy go lucky, though she's also very determined. Her friends would most likely describe her as ditzy or kooky. She'd hate to be stranded with anyone who was lazy or girls who are bitchy and says her most admired reality TV star is the "adorable and sweet" Living The Dream's Sam Chambers.

Voted Miss Versatility

To win the title of Miss Versatility (by proving they could multi-task) the women had to go into a deserted tunnel and bring out a lizard and the names of the four miners who died there, whose names were etched onto the walls of the tunnel.

Anya did this in the shortest amount of time and became Miss Versatility.