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McLeod's Daughters

Weekdays at 1.30pm | TV2

Episode 3: A McLeod's Daughter

Ghosts of the past are awakened when Jasmine McLeod arrives in the district with the intention of scattering her father's ashes on Drovers Run. 

Hugh McLeod, Jasmine's father, was the younger brother of Jack. A feisty, adventurous spirit, Hugh was in love with and had intended to marry his childhood sweetheart, Prue, upon her return from Britain.  But all that changed when Jack and Prue realised they'd fallen in love with each other. When Hugh discovered their secret, he turned his back on both the farm and his beloved brother and took off for war, never to see either again. 

And so Jasmine arrives, having only recently learnt of her father's time on the land and the existence of her uncle. Jasmine is even surprised to find relatives still living on the property, so sketchy was her knowledge of the subject. Tess is equally in the dark as to what caused the family rift and so together they embark on a journey of discovery. 

But Jasmine is dealing with another tragedy beside the loss of her father and it is this darker secret that affects her character the most.  When her fiance was killed in a riding accident, she lost purpose in life.  She can't even pursue her great passion of equestrian competition.  To contemplate being on a horse seems to bring back all the trauma of her lover's death.   In attempting to show his affection for her, Alex's unwittingly makes her confront these demons and begin the first painful steps on the road to emotional recovery.
Believing that it's tempting fate, Tess is in a dilemma over a request from Nick to update her will. Not wanting to argue with her new husband, she skirts the issue when it arises.  When she finally does agree to write it, she's worried the contents are not what Nick was expecting.

Jodi is also in a dilemma when Luke shows her the tattoo he got as a sign of their love.  Believing he expects for her to reciprocate the gesture, Jodi sets off for the tattoo parlour, only to find she's not so sure she's ready to commit.

And Alex finds himself with a new housemate when he invites Dave Brewer to move into the room vacated by Nick.