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Matthew And Marc's Rocky Road To Bollywood


About Matthew and Marc's Rocky Road to Bollywood

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About the show:

Dynamic duo Matthew Ridge and Marc Ellis are back for another hilarious trip along the Rocky Road... this time to the home of the largest movie making industry in the world - Bollywood!

Competitive as ever, their mission is to travel to Mumbai - home of Slumdog Millionaire, and become Bollywood movie stars, competing in everything they do along the way. 

Of course, the loser of each challenge will be subjected to a humiliating and hilarious consequence!

Mumbai is the Los Angeles of India, and the beautiful actresses and handsome actors of Bollywood have iconic status in India. It's a tough road to the top, but no challenge is too great for our Kiwi Bollywood wannabes.

From working as snake charmers to learning the art of Bollywood dancing, Marc and Matthew wreck a path of madness and mayhem through Mumbai and beyond... joining the thousands of hopefuls in their quest to become Bollywood stars.

Whether it's becoming a Bollywood stuntman, or acting the part of the perfect Bollywood villain, our sporting greats are as determined as ever to make it to the big time, and even more determined to win against each other.

And as the boys say, with the victor comes the spoils, and the humiliating, sometimes painful consequence for the loser.

It's a hilarious ride with all the outrageous stunts and unexpected antics of the Matthew and Marc's Rocky Road series.

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