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What are they doing now - Steve

What have you been doing since the end of MasterChef New Zealand?
I have been extremely busy with my company Detonate Design, and have taken on a couple of large NZ Food companies as a result of my appearance on MasterChef, combining my love of food with my love of design, so there has been a great synergy there. Also been doing quite a few appearances, at Food Shows, at stores, at Trade Shows, talking to business groups, it's been great!

How did the experience change your life?
It has definitely changed the way I look at food the way I shop for food, and the way I cook food. And it has opened so many doors for me, in the most unexpected places sometimes.

Whats been the most surprising thing about being part of the experience?
The most surprising thing has been how much people loved the show it has had such a positive impact on people and they love to tell me about it. People love food, and to be a part of this has been amazing! People still recognise me, and it instantly sparks up a conversation they are so friendly and want to know all about it (and ask me to cook for them!! Lol!)

Whats been the best thing about being part of the experience?
The best thing has also been the most surprising thing (see above) - the positive impact it has had on people from all walks of life kids, elderly, guys that have never cooked before all sorts! It's refreshing to see this happening people wanting to learn to cook and eat proper food.

Who was the last contestant from your fellow top 12 that you saw and why?
I saw Mark, Rob and Tracey recently! We were doing a Cookbook signing session at Whitcoulls Queen St, and Ray McVinnie was there as well. And I was talking to Simon Gault on the phone yesterday, and I saw Kelly yesterday as well we are working on a project together watch this space!!

The MasterChef New Zealand Cookbook is out now have you tried out any other recipes from the show?
Definitely there are some awesome recipes in there! I've tried Rob's scallops & fennel beautiful! And my wife Lisa is keen to try Kelly's Pineapple dessert cant wait to try it!

Whats been the food youve been experimenting with the most since finishing filming the show?
I've been trying baked custards and crème brulees, and I've also cooked my audition dish HEAPS of times, for family & friends. And I've been experimenting with some Balinese dishes as well something a bit different. And I've been perfecting different sauces - Bearnaise, mayonnaise, aioli, hollandaise, and also trying out different purees, like beetroot, and leek/fennel.

What are you hoping to see in the new series?
I'm hoping to see them sweating bullets, like we had to! Nothing can prepare you for that kind pressure, nothing!

Whats next for you?
As I said, watch this space for the project Kelly and I are working on. And I will continue to grow my company, Detonate. And I'll be cooking up a storm at home, continuing to experiment, and I'm doing some Dinner Parties for friends. Always cooking though, always thinking about food...