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Pre Grand Final Q&A with Bec

How do you rate your competition?
Kasey and Karena are fantastic cooks, very intuitive and have awesome palates, so in short, very stiff competition!

Whats been the best part of the competition up to now?
Nailing the challenge in Bali has been the best part so far. I was waiting for an Asian challenge and finally got one. Asian food would have to be my favourite to cook having spent 7 years in Singapore.

Whats been the worst part of the competition?
Being away for my three gorgeous boys Charlie, Oscar and Willi and husband Toby. It was a struggle at times to completely focus on the competition when thoughts were often elsewhere with them and missing them so dreadfully.

Which challenge did you enjoy most? I definitely enjoyed the Bumbu Bali challenge the most. I felt comfortable with the flavours they were looking for and the pressure was so intense it was exciting! 

Which challenge did you hate?
Probably the Donna Hay challenge. I do not enjoy the preciseness of baking. I am more for throwing things together and get the tastes from tasting , not measuring.

Whats been the biggest challenge of cooking with a mate?
Trying to find our groove together in the kitchen. Majority of the other contestants were related or flatted together so had spent years in a kitchen together. Jaimie and I had only practised our audition dish together once maybe twice and that was it. We had to use the competition to establish each others strengths and weakness.

What do you feel youve learned about yourself?
The huge amount of stress I can tolerate without getting too frazzled. Magnify how stressful it looks on TV by about 50 and you will understand what it actually felt like.         

What do you feel youve learned about your partner?
That she is hugely determined , utterly hilarious, doesnt take any rubbish from anyone, and is the perfect person to enter into battle with in the MasterChef kitchen.

Tell us something we dont know about you?
I am a lot less serious than I am being portrayed on television. And I like to drink the blood from a roasting dish once the meat has been cooked!

Whats your biggest strength going into the grand final?
We have at last found our cooking mojo together, ascertained our strengths and weakness and know how to utilise these well. I feel we are peaking at the right time.

Whats your biggest challenge from your opponent?
The girls have been pretty consistent throughout the competition, we know they are incredible cooks , we know the judges love their food, so trying to convince them ours is better is going to be a big big battle.

Whats the response from the public been like since the show started airing?
We have been pretty overwhelmed at the response and support from the public. We are getting huge local support too, it's pretty hard getting round the supermarket now without being stopped numerous times which is funny.

The MasterChef New Zealand Grand Final airs on TV ONE on Sunday May 4th at 7.30pm!