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MasterChef NZ hopeful falls at the very last hurdle

With top chef and esteemed cookbook creator Annabel Langbein looking on, the semi final was always going to be a tough competition. The three wannabes were asked to present their vision of a cookbook to win a place in the grand final. But not all three of them could go through to the final....


Following the controversy over ingredient swapping in Singapore, Tony Price became the last person to be kicked off the competition.

The judges felt his vision and the food he cooked for his cookbook "Our global food village" wasn't as strong as the vision presented by Chelsea and Ana. Tony was also slammed for undercooking his chicken, an unforgiveable mistake at this late stage of the competition.

We caught up with "Mr Poker Face" as he readied himself to head home.   

1) How have you found the whole MasterChef experience?  
Fantastic with many ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies but overall very rewarding.

2) How did it feel when the judges gave you that initial apron and then a chance to be part of the final 16?
I was relieved. I thought my chicken dish was one of the better ones in the room but when Simon Gault said "All I taste is salt", I was not so confident!

3) How did you feel when you were told to leave the MasterChef kitchen?
I was disappointed but not surprised.

4) How have your friends and family reacted?
They think it's hilarious. They love watching me make a fool of myself on national television!

5) What's the dish you created that you're most proud of?
The dish I was most pleased with was my entree during the "Young Guns' fine dining challenge." The dish was the crab and cucumber cannelloni with scallop and hapuka tartare

6) What have you learned most from the experience?
Actually, how much more there is to learn about food and how little I really know.

7) Who will you miss seeing most? Why?
I will miss Dave, Chelsea W, Ana, Zee, Brenton, Matt, Andy, Chantelle, Andrea, Charlene ... and everyone! We really were like a little family  in this and on a weekly basis, we played our part in a culinary game of Russian roulette which resulted in a human sacrifice!

8) What's your biggest regret about not getting further in the competition than you did?
I have no regrets.

9) What would you have changed about the challenge which led to your eviction?
I would have cooked a completely different menu. It was not my best day in the kitchen and I guess the result reflected this.

10) Fill in the gap: the kitchen utensil I look like the most is...
An upturned ladle.

11) What's next for you? 
Watch this space! That's all I'm saying.

Take a look at Tony's MasterChef New Zealand audition dish.

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