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MasterChef moments from episode 6

In episode 6 of MasterChef New Zealand, the top 9 finalists had 150 minutes to make two pies - sounds simple doesn't it?
But with time ticking and pastry needing to be made, some of them struggled to get to the end....

"Didn't even bother to ask him - I knew he wouldn't tell" Karyn on Brett's advantage of knowing what the challenge was.

"I feel a little bit nervous about the challenge - it's just not something I've done a lot of" Brett on his advantage - but would it help him plan pies ahead?

"We all know that Brett knows something but we just can't do anything about it" Kelly on the rest of the group's feelings about Brett's advantage.

"Most of all I want to see seasoning because salt is the chef's friend" Guest judge Judith Tabron gives the contestants the heads up.

"Uh oh I'm not too good with the pastry - what the hell am I going to make here?" Steve panics.

"I like pies a lot - I eat a lot of them - but all that came to my mind was mince and cheese, steak and kidney" Mark on a lack of pie inspiration.

"I buy frozen pastry" Rob reveals the chink in his pie armour.

"It's getting really intense now - there's no second chances" Kirsty as the pressure escalates.

"They just flew - those three minutes" Sue on her time in the pantry selecting ingredients.

"I could make a good bacon and egg pie - I don't know why I don't just stick with that - I'm having a little creative moment here" Kelly finds her inspiration.

"It is really stressful in that pantry - your mind draws a blank" Mark on 180 seconds they're given to select their ingredients.

"Brett - let's be frank - this challenge is for you to lose" Simon tells it like it is.

"You've never made pastry before? What sort of a cook do you call yourself?" Ross shocked at Brett's pastry confession.

"Foolish" Brett on his never making pastry - hindsight is a wonderful thing...

"I'm not really used to making pies - so it's definitely not something I do all the time" Kelly on the understatement of the day.

"Yes we're most impressed by that" Judith compliments Steve on being only finalist to chill the butter before the pastry.

"Wow banoffee" Simon on Steve's choice "I'm excited about that"

"I think I made that once 10 years ago and it was a complete disaster - I've no idea why I went down that particular route" Mark rues his pie choice

"I think she's just having a shocker Judith" Simon on Karyn's pastry

"I'm freaking out because I don't want to go home having created a pie I had an advantage for" Brett rues his missed opportunity.

"This could be it - a really tough challenge" Rob on his pastry not coming together

"It's a complete disaster - he is in deep deep trouble" Simon on Rob "I've never seen him this badly in trouble"

"Quite a lot of stress in the room - everyone's encountering quite a lot of heat" Rob talks both literally and metaphorically about the challenge.

"I feel like I'm going to fall over - at this point, I'm thinking this might be it for me" - Karyn on the heat starting to get too much for her.

"You're not going to fall over on us are you Karyn?" Simon "I'll do that after I've done my pies.." Karyn's response to a caring Simon.

"We all know that someone's going to go home - it's just hoping that it's not us" Brett on the stress

"Give it a go - hopefully it works" Kelly on adding coconut to the pumpkin pie

"I don't what it's supposed to taste like - I'm just throwing stuff in" Kelly does her own invention test

"If you can't stand the heat, then you've got to get out" Simon's advice to Karyn about the heat

"I see you're praying here" Simon to Sue as the competition nears the end.

"Kirsty every time you cook, I worry" Simon to Kirsty
"I like to be different and push the boundaries" Kirsty

"I thought it looked mint - I was bloody happy with it, eh" Mark on his pie

"I'm quite panicky - just don't want to go home mate" Brett worries - a lot.

"Probably not the most attractive pies" Kelly is not sure about her pies

"I'm fairly confident really"
Nigel on his pies

"I'm expecting the worst - I'm thinking here we go" Brett as the pies get judged. He didn't have to wait long - "I'm not sure whether I need a jack hammer or a knife at this stage" Simon cuts into Brett's pies

"Why don't you eat the rosemary on top?" Ray rips into Brett's garnish - "Not bad, not great" was the overall judging from Ray

"Uh oh we're looking at a moving banoffee pie" Ray on Steve's choice of sweet pie.

"I was so excited when you said you were making banoffee pie" Judith's disappointment to Steve

"At this stage, I'm confident I'm going home&" Steve frets.
"That is so good - I'm making up for the no banoffee pie" Simon compliments Steve's chicken pot pie

"Inventive as ever - interesting" Ross to Kirsty
"Did you intend the leeks to be raw?" Ross' harsh verdict on Kirsty's dish
"You haven't learnt enough technique" Judith to Kirsty
"I don't know why I keep choosing to take risks where there's no second chances" Kirsty rues her decision

"Fantastic flavour - I love it" Simon to Nigel
"I'd pay money for both of those" Ray to Nigel

"I don't need potato - I've got pastry" Ray to Mark
"That reminds me of my apprenticeship as a chef in the 1970s" Judith to Mark after he piped mash around the edge of the pie.

"Had we had a bit more cooking, I think it would have been exceptional" Simon to Sue on her pies
"The devil's in the details" Ross to Sue

"That's a damn good effort" Ray to Karyn
"You know there was a time in this competition when I didn't think you should be here right at the beginning - but I really do believe you've earned a place in this competition now - well done" Simon to Karyn
"I've been working so hard to get a compliment out of Simon" Karyn celebrates hearing some good words

"I actually really wanted to throw it in the bin before I went up there" Kelly on the judging
"You've tried to put too many dishes into one dish and it hasn't worked" Simon to Kelly
"I'm sorry Kelly that's possibly the worst pumpkin pie I've ever tasted" Simon
"Don't try it" Kelly gives guest judge Judith an out for her pies.
"Just had a mare" Kelly
"It's really actually quite unpleasant" Ross to Kelly
"It hurts" Kelly on the negative feedback

"Who ate the pies? We ate all the pies - actually we didn't eat all of them - we were presented with some shockers today" Ross sums up the pie challenge.

Vital statistics -

The Mystery box challenge was a pie one, judged by special guest Judith Tabron.

Nigel, Karyn, Brett, Mark, Sue were called forward first

Nigel was told "Your pies were really good - I really loved the Irish pie; beautifully done" by Ray
Karyn "That chicken pie looked a million dollars" Ray

So from the top 2, Nigel's overall pies were judged the best of the day - he got dinner for 2 at Soul restaurant.

"Brett and Sue - you should count yourself as very lucky" Ray on the two who just got through.

Rob - "delicious choclate velvet pie"
Steve - "delicious chicken pot pie - but what will go down in history as the banoffee shocker" Ross

The final two were Kelly and Kirsty

Kirsty "You need to get the basics right first - then you can be innovative" Simon warns Kirsty.

Kelly "I wanted a pie, something that belonged in pastry - it simply didn't deliver" - Ray - before going further - "I'm thinking I'm swallowing beetles" Ray on Kelly's pumpkin pie

But the latest person to go was Kelly. "There is no longer a place for you on MasterChef New Zealand" - Ross

Ray "Kelly, you're a really good cook - with a  lot of potential - don't get us wrong - you've got to keep going; I know you're going to get there."

Kelly's last words to the departing MasterChef team - "Just watch this space."