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MasterChef moments from episode 4

Episode 4 of MasterChef New Zealand saw the chefs cook two of Tony Astle's signature dishes - a roulade and a red tripe curry.

But not all of them measured up - here's our recap of the episode.

"It's gross and it stinks - I was like what's that smell?" - Kelly on tripe.

"We've lost one of our family" - Karyn on Christine's exit.

"Not having Christine around - you realise there are no second chances" - Andrew on the reality of eviction.

"One never, ever, ever, ever stops learning" Tony Astle proves why he's top of his game.

"They say tripe and immediately I have visions of old poor England and soggy cabbage" Karyn when the tripe is unveiled.

"I was scared for sure" Andrew on the unveiling of the roulade - he'd never made a meringue or pav before.

"It's just following the recipe - how hard can it be?" Famous last words from Kirsty as the test begins.

"You're not put off by half a cow's stomach staring up at you?" Ross to Kirsty

"It's a monster mate, it's a monster" Mark on his growing roulade.

"You feel the pressure - and you make these stupid mistakes you wouldn't normally make" Kirsty on her continutal messing up of the separating of eggs.

"The atmosphere in the room is insane" Brett on the 2 hour deadline time going fast.

"You know that big round thing up there - it's called a clock" Ross to Steve as time begins to run out.

"Peeling a quail egg is difficult - particularly when I'm shaking" Steve begins to feel the pressure.

"Out of control - I feel like I've run a marathon" Kelly on the end of the test

Tony to Kirsty on her tripe curry -"You know I don't know whose recipe you used, but you could feel free to use mine any time you like."

Simon to Kirsty - "I think right now, you've got some worrying to do." And as if that wasn't bad enough - "I don't think Tony's going to be offering you a job at the end of this".
"Show us on the plate - it was a very bad day" Ross to Kirsty

"I think it's rather nice" Ray to Tracey; "Tracey your cooking has got my attention" Simon to Tracey after the test is done.

"I could smell it - it smelt good" Ray on Nigel's roulade

"Looks better than it tastes" Ray on Rob's roulade - not a great day for Rob as he says; "I'm just in the middle of the road - which is not really where I like to be"

"I'm just waiting for abuse to be hurled at me" Mark on presenting his roulade to the judges.
"Is this the famous monster roulade?" Ross to Mark
"Pleasant is what it is - but pleasant isn't good enough" Ray to Mark

Tony to Steve "It's creamy, it's unctuous, the flavour's good - I'm actually very impressed with this. Yes I would serve that in my restaurant" Tony Astle gives the nod to his tripe curry.

"These guys - if they enjoy something that you've given them, then it's a buzz" Brett on being judged

Simon to Kelly on her efforts "Kelly, oh how the mighty can fall"
Ray - "It's a curry on sedatives"
Tony - "Bland, bland, bland" to Kelly
Tony - "It's really very bad - I'm very disappointed I might say" on Kelly's roulade.

"Can kiwis not make roulades or meringues? No wonder the bloody Aussies think they own it" - Simon bemoans the dessert stakes of NZ

However, just seconds later - "That is absolutely beautiful" - Simon on Sue's roulade just after his rant. "All I can say to add is Cooked by an angel" Ray to Sue  - and Ross was as positive too - "Like eating a cloud."

"Did you follow the recipe?" Tony to Karyn - Karyn "I followed the recipe but it didn't taste like it had enough sugar" That gave the judges a bit of a shock.
"Do you think after 37 years we might have just got it right?" Tony to Karyn - and then he didn't hold back..."I think it was mediocre" Tony.

"Do you think we should eat it?" Ray on Andrew's badly plated up roulade
"Against my better judgement, I'm going to try it" Ray on Andrew's roulade; "I'm sorry I'm not going to try it" - Simon decides against touching the dessert.

"For one of you, the dream ends today" Ross.
"I definitely feel like I've been given a lifeline" Kelly on surviving elimination.

Vital statistics
Tracey, Sue, Steve, Andrew, Kirsty were called forward to start

Then Steve and Sue were asked to step forward first - Steve cooked best tripe - Sue cooked best meringue dish - the winners were taken to Antoine's for dinner.

Nigel, Mark, Kelly, Rob Brett, Karyn were the first 6 to go through.

Tracey called forward next - and singled out as the only one to show competency in both dishes.

Kirsty and Andrew weren't so lucky - they were the bottom two.
"There's very few times I won't try a dessert - and yours was one of them. The plate was a mess" Simon to Andrew
"You eat with your eyes first - I've never, ever seen a plate so messy, so dirty" Tony on Andrew's roulade

"Kirsty, the whole thing was a total, total disaster - that tripe is the worst I've ever had" - Tony Astle doesn't hold back.
"Kirsty - we know there's a better chef in you - you've just got to go and find it" Simon gives Kirsty some advice.

Eliminated from MasterChef - Andrew became the second person to leave the kitchen.