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MasterChef moments from episode 1

It's all about the ONE moment on MasterChef New Zealand.

As the competition began, there were plenty of memorable moments as the hunt was underway for the top 24.

Here's just a few of our favourites from the judges - and one or two contestants - don't forget to add yours on our MasterChef New Zealand message board!

"Can I have a hug?" - Simon to Sue after she won the judges over with her chicken fricasse.

"A good vet could get that lamb to breathe again!" - Ross when presented with an ever so slightly undercooked piece of lamb.

"I have to tell you - it's not good. It's freakin' brilliant" - Simon to Brett when given his Larb Gai.

"In terms of being a MasterChef dish, it just doesn't have that zing." - Ross to 18 year old hopeful Samantha.

"Interesting" - Simon to Kelly on her port peppered steak. Followed just seconds later by Ross asking Kelly's mum "So can your little girl cook?" (She got an apron and through after much waiting)

"That's a first" - Ross to Carlos after trying his Volcanic pork cooked in coke.

"You're the bravest woman in the country today" Ross Burden to hopeful Carmen McGregor who came to the auditions the day after her father died.

"How wonderfully 1985" - Ross to Steve Jeurgens who presented his dish with a piece of chive perched upright - and it didn't get any better from Simon who said: " Dear boy, your aerial seems to be on a lean." Still he got the apron after Ross revealed - "You're driving a cortina - luckily it's in the fast lane."

"Are you serious?" Ray to Kirsty's offer of Chocolate asparagus - he then followed it with "One of the weirdest things I've ever eaten."

"I really want to taste those Yorkies but I think I need to go to hospital instead" Ray to a contestant whose dish he wasn't enamoured with.

"He's Mr Bubbly isn't he?" Simon on a somewhat quiet Rob after he'd won an apron.

"I'm worried for you at the moment" Simon to Karyn who very nearly lost it all in the early stages of cooking her three meat trio dish.

" You're out of here - you're heading that way" Simon shows an unlucky contestant the exit after their chocolate pudding failed to impress.

Don't forget you can watch all of these moments again in episode one of MasterChef New Zealand by clicking here.

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We'll see you every Wednesday at 7.30pm on TV ONE as the hunt for the first ever MasterChef NZ continues!