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Mama Sue on life after MasterChef NZ

Sue Drummond, Mama Sue to the contestants was evicted in Week 9 with Karyn and Mark.

How have you been since being on MasterChef?
Since Masterchef..there has been so much happening - waiting for the show to air, the buildup to that, missing the other contestants..and the wondering of where is it all going..

Has your life changed?
I think my life has certainly been affected by being in Masterchef.. a change that I will look back on as an amazing experience.

What do you think you've learned from the MasterChef experience?
I certainly learnt how little I did know about cooking, made me want to learn, learn, learn.

What surprised you most about the experience?
That I had been chosen each time an audition was done, and then also with each elimination and staying in.

What have you learned from being on the show?
Working alongside TV crews, seeing the intense work behind the scenes, the dedication of those crews.I just loved being with the other contestants, seeing their love of food and their skills.

Have you stayed in touch with the rest of the finalists?
I have been emailing them, it`s great to read what has been happening to them in their journeys after Masterchef`s filming finished and the show is being aired..

Which recipe from the other contestants have you tried to make?
I haven`t tried to make any recipe from the other contestants, but I did try to make a Croquembouche.....was quite tasty, but didn't do the caramel right.. more practice needed.

What advice would you give to budding MasterChefs?
Enter the next Masterchef NZ competition if you can..remember they are looking for amateur cooks..and that could mean you!

What was the best piece of advice given to you by a judge? (And which judge was it)
Ray questioned the fact that  had I boiled the lamb for my pie?... made it tough.

What's next for you?
I am very happy to look at anything that comes my way to do with promoting food in New Zealand..we are in the process of maybe selling up in Wanaka, we want to travel overseas , so I want to use that time abroad to explore other countries cooking styles.. still thinking about owning a country tea-house somewhere maybe north of Auckland too.

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