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Lamb Saddle

Lamb saddle

1 lamb saddle bone in flaps on
1 200g black pudding skin removed and broken down

1 Remove skin from saddle.  Remove bone carefully and set aside.  Batton out flap of fat if thick.  Trim back flap if too much. Cut down middle of saddle in between the loins.
2 Press black pudding onto both loins.  Roll and tie with string.  Leave to set in fridge.

Jus niscoise

2 anchovy fillets
300ml Campbells Real Stock Beef
300ml Veal stock
Small sprigs of basil
8 green beans blanched and cut into 3 pieces
4 semi dried tomatoes julienned
8 caper berries cut in half
1 tablespoon dried black olives
1 courgette green only cut into small dice

1 Add anchovies to both stocks in a pan and reduce by half.  Pass through strainer.  Add courgette and keep warm but not for long.  Keep rest of bits to one side for garnish.


500ml Anchor Milk
50g Mainland Butter
100g polenta

1 Season the lamb well all over.  Seal in a pan and roast in oven for around 15 mins at 180c or until medium rare.  Check after 8 mins to turn and check how far along it is.  Remove from oven and rest for 6-8 mins.  Remove string and slice each saddle into 4 pieces.

2 Warm Anchor milk and Mainland butter in a pan.  Add polenta and keep stirring occasionally on the heat. This will take around 10-15 minutes.  Cover with a piece of greased baking paper (cartouche) and keep warm.

2 good handfuls of picked spinach

Wilt this in a pan with a little butter and seasoning.  Drain well on a tea towel.

1 Check jus seasoning.
2 Spoon polenta into the centre of a serving plate, top with wilted spinach, top with slice of lamb, top with basil leaves, blanched beans, capers, semi dried tomatoes and courgettes, spoon over the jus before serving.