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The inside word with Carlos - week 6

Carlos Garcia made the top 24 before the MasterChef New Zealand dream crumbled.
He's's blogger keeping an eye on all things MasterChef for us - this week he cast his eye over the pie challenge episode which saw the top nine set the challenge of making two pies in two and a half hours. Watch the episode here!

1) What are your pie making skills like?
Man, to be honest I can't cook pies and I would have had so many things going on in my head wondering what ingredients I would have used.

2) Tell us what would be your preferred pies
A real chunky meat pie with lots of rich gravy or an apple pie with lots of cinnamon

3) The pressure's really stepping up for the final group now isn't it?
The pressure is on! You can see the tension in everyone's faces before the challenge has been set out and during the challenges everyone is so focused looking, it looks intense.

4) How much of that stress do you think is due to eviction always being on the finalists' minds?
I would say it would be a 60 - 40 split, they would be concerned about making the right dish with the intention of avoiding being eliminated, I know that's what would be stressing me out.

5) There are some dark horses emerging in these later stages of the competition aren't there?
Karyn has actually really surprised me, I didn't think she would last as long as she has, but she has stepped up to the challenge. Nigel is definitely a dark horse - I always thought he could cook but he really showcased his talents this week.

6) What do you make of some of the contestant's decisions to try something different - to be praised or not the place to try and stand out?
Kirsty is always trying new things in the kitchen I don't think this week she did herself any favours and Kelly really should have had a little more of an idea of what she was going to make instead of  'winging it'.

7) What did you think of Brett's performance this week?
You know what, Brett is an awesome cook and he is such a cool guy too, he really surprised me this week. I think he put himself under way too much pressure and was lucky that sweet pie went down well with the judges. It may have been his turn to go this week.

8) What about Karyn's time in the kitchen this week - particularly the judges' reactions to her?
The judges responded really well too Karyn this week- for a change! I must admit her chocolate pie looked amazing and I would have paid money for it - yum, well done Karyn.

9) The bottom 2 - what advice would you give to the person who doesn't get evicted?
Step up next week as the judges will be expecting a better performance. The tension is on and it is getting harder and hotter by each week.

10) What did you make of the latest eviction? And what do you think people's reactions will be?
Oh Kelly, I loved watching her on TV her smile always made me smile and she always looked like she was having fun even in the stressful times, what an amazing cook too, I really think the nation will miss seeing her every week. Kelly you ROCK!!!

11) Next week - it's time to cook for the VIPs - how do you think the finalists will be feeling about that - and do you think the latest eviction will play on their minds?
Yes, I think because Kelly is an awesome cook and the judges know this, the contestants should be worried as no one is safe. I think they will be very nervous next week but will give it all they have. I can't wait to watch the next episode.