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Find out about Simon Gault

Internationally respected MasterChef Simon Gault has a remarkable talent for bringing together tastes and techniques from around the world. 

His global experience allows him to savour in his mind the blending of Oriental with European and so produce some of the best and most innovative dishes presented in New Zealand.  His many awards and international recognition attest to his superb skill. 

Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi World Wide, was asked what his favorite recipe was, he replied " Simon Gault's telephone number"

After training in New Zealand Simon traveled to the United Kingdom and worked there for two years.  After experience with both Leiths Restaurant in London and at the Prestigious Michelin Star Thornbury Castle, Simon returned to New Zealand to open his first restaurant

Two restaurants later and a string of awards including Restaurant of the Year on more than one occasion saw Simon's restaurant in the Americas Cup basin, sold.  Simon accepted a position as chef to Simon Fuller, the entrepreneur responsible for the incredible success of the Spice Girls and Idol program. 

During the following year in Europe with the group Simon catered for the needs of the Simon Fuller group and visiting entertainment celebrities. 

Life in Italian villas typical of which was Franco Zefferelli's magnificent Tre Ville, enabled Simon to work with famous Italian chefs as well as in traditional family kitchens where his obvious passion for food was shared and established the basis for friendships that exist to this day.

At the conclusion of this contract Simon again returned to New Zealand and was instrumental in the establishment of Euro Restaurant, once again in the Americas Cup Viaduct Basin. 

As executive chef Simon guided Euro to the point where the influential Conde Naste magazine of New York recognized Euro as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world.

After two years with Euro, Simon again felt the need to experience first hand in which direction the culinary scene was moving and accepted the position as personal chef to multi billionaire Larry Ellison of the Oracle Corporation.  Simon worked aboard Larry Ellison's luxury motor yacht and also in Mr Ellison's home.  Travels on the motor yacht took him north to Alaska and south to Tahiti and the Pacific Islands.

Back in New Zealand again, Simon undertook the revamping of a restaurant that he raised once again to an award winning standard and international recognition.  After two years with this restaurant Simon felt the need to again open an establishment of his own and Jervois Steak House Restaurant was born.  The restaurant was and remains a huge success and whilst Simon retains a major interest he is now Executive Chef to the Nourish Group; as such he is a part owner and responsible for the day to day running of  Euro Restaurant, Jervois Steak House and Pasha Restaurant in Auckland as well as Bisto Lago in Taupo at the Hilton Hotel and Shed 5 and Pravda Restaurants in Wellington.  All of these restaurants enjoy enviable critical recognition.

Throughout all of this Simon continues to travel extensively so as to gain greater appreciation of world culinary trends.   His leisure time passion is flying and he is a glider pilot instructor and pilot of vintage military aircraft as a member of Warbirds.  His most recent acquisition is a replica P51 Mustang so powerful that its performance exceeds the legendary original military version.