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Fan favourite falls at the last hurdle

It was a beautiful day for a barbecue in Marlborough. But sadly, for fan fave Sushil Ravikumar, it was the end of the line. He failed to make the top five of MasterChef New Zealand 2013. And his exit caused tears all round...

What has the experience been like?
It has been an incredible experience overall and definitely an emotional roller coaster for me personally as food is so close to my heart.

What aspects of your cooking have improved from being a contestant on MasterChef?  
I have been able to cook much faster and cleaner but I still enjoy mucking around in my kitchen trying out new ideas and making a mess.

What will you miss about being part of the top 16?
I will miss all the action and excitement that comes with every new challenge. Not only that, but also the pressure of cooking in the MasterChef kitchen with cameras pointing at you and judges yelling. But its all worth it.

Whats your biggest regret about not getting further than you did?
Im obviously gutted that my time on MasterChef has come to an end but I did the best I can. I put my heart and soul into every dish I cooked. If there is one thing, I should have probably cooked with the flavours I know best instead of stepping out of my comfort zone but at that stage of the competition, you cant play it safe either.

When you were evicted, what would you have changed about the challenge which saw you forced to leave? 
I would have probably changed the entire dish but I suppose the other contestants cooked better than me on the actual day. 

Who will you miss most from the MasterChef NZ competition and why?  
I will miss some very good friends that I made on the show and they know who they are. But the person I probably miss the most is actually not a contestant. It is Dolphin Islands host Dawn Simpson; her kindness and hospitality knew no bounds and our stay at Fiji was my most memorable time on the show. Hopefully Ill be able to meet Dawn and her lovely team again soon.

Which piece of advice from the judges would you consider to be the most valuable?
Every bit of advice from all three judges was valuable. I particularly found Simons advice to me on keeping my bench clean during challenges, sticking to the flavours I know best and believing in myself to be helpful.

What one food would you eat every day for the rest of your life if you had to? Why?
To be honest, I dont think I can eat one food for the rest of my life even if it was my most cherished cravings like my grandmas green lamb curry, my mums chicken biryani or a juicy piece of wagyu fillet steak. I love to have variety in my food and prefer to try new dishes as much as I can.  

Whats next for you?
MasterChef has opened a number of doors for me to follow my passion and enter into the culinary world.
Im currently doing some part time cheffing work at Simon Gaults Pravda cafe in Wellington. The food is amazing and the kitchen is run by head chef Adam Rickett who is immensely talented and obsessed about food. He has formed a young team who are all very passionate about what they do so its an absolute pleasure to be a part of the team.
Ive still got my day job at Gen-i but will be looking at pursuing my career full time in the food industry at some stage soon - so watch the space!

Fill in the gap The Kitchen Utensil you look the most like is&
Probably a pressure cooker as I work best under pressure and blow out steam when the time is right!