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A brief word with MasterChef New Zealand finalist, Brett

Brett McGregor won through to the top 24 of MasterChef New Zealand with his Larb Gai dish (get that recipe here) and lasted out the entire competition before wowing the judges with his choices for his cookbook in the semi finals. But now he faces stiff competition in The Grand Final as he has to beat Kelly. caught up with Brett ahead of this week's 2 hour Grand Final Event to see how he's doing...

So how are you? Are you enjoying being part of the MasterChef NZ phenomenon?

Brett Yeah, for sure I'm enjoying the show. It's been great to get caught up in all the hype, excitement and opportunities the show brings.

You've kept a very big secret over the past few months knowing that you made it to the Grand Final - has that been hard?

Brett  Yes, at times I have wanted to burst!  People ask but in reality they don't want to know and ruin the surprise. I do get asked the question but I kind of just make a joke of it and  get away without really saying anything but it's been a funny situation. I've enjoyed it!

So what do you make of your fellow finalist, Kelly? Were you worried when you saw who it was?

Brett You know, I would have been worried no matter who it was! Kelly though is pretty cool, calm and collected in the kitchen. When she was evicted, she had a bad day, and you see what happens when you have a bad day and then you're gone. So for her to come back and win the team challenge and continue to win, she was on a roll. As for me well, I've been in the bottom, then up, then down so things hadn't gone well for me. So I am extremely nervous. Kelly is always going to be tough competition.

To find out who wins the coveted title of MasterChef New Zealand, you'll have to watch the 2 hour MasterChef New Zealand: The Grand Final this Wednesday on TV ONE at 7.30pm!

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