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The best moments of ep1

"I'm excited to be here on MasterChef" - Alana Harper, Top 25 finalist.

The first episode of MasterChef New Zealand has now screened and you're on the way to finding out who will be New Zealand's next MasterChef.

Ep 1 threw up a heady mix of disasters and successes - and plenty of contenders to take the crown.
Auditions at Ellerslie in Auckland saw 1000 wannabes whittled down to just 25.

If you missed the episode, click below to watch MasterChef New Zealand episode 1

The judges were back on form with Ray judging one contestant's attempts to cook a lamb as being so raw, "a good vet could bring that back to life."

But in among the flops, there were some major successes from some unexpected sources.

From the youngest contestant, Maddie came a frangipane tart which had Ray and Josh salivating and tucking into without hesitation.

If you want Maddie's Frangipane tart recipe, click here for the Masterchef New Zealand recipe

And another Golden Apron winner was revealed - step forward, Dave McKinnon of Christchurch with a dish that Simon, Ray and Josh felt rose above the rest. That accolade gave Dave immunity from round 2 - and a place in the Top 16.

If you want the Golden Apron winning recipe of steak, chips and salad, click here

Next Tuesday at 7.30pm on TV ONE , the wannabes head into the MasterChef New Zealand kitchen - from 24, there can be only 16. 8 will fall at the next hurdle - you'll have to tune in to see who makes it through and who gets sent home with their cooking dream in tatters!