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Beef Carpaccio

Beef Carpaccio
Recipe by Simon Gault

Makes 50 Portions

600g beef fillet
Extra virgin olive oil, to serve
Murray River salt, to serve
Microgreens, to serve

1. For the beef, trim fillet of fat and sinew. Roll tightly in cling film to form a tight cylindrical shape, about 4cm in diameter . For a large beef fillet you will need to slice lengthways and roll two cylinders. Place the beef in the freezer.

2. Remove the beef from freezer once frozen and slice very thinly on meat slicer. Slices can be cut in advance and layered on greaseproof paper with a little olive oil. Allow four rounds per portion, approximately 10g.

To serve

1. Make a small hole in the side of the cooked music bread. Half fill the cavity with cheese mousse.

2. Place four pieces of sliced beef on top of the bread. Drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil and season with Murray River salt. Top with micro greens.